Laurel Springs School Update

March 30, 2022

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Dear Laurel Springs School Families,

After yet another transitional time (masks optional), I would like to take the opportunity to thank our school community for your response. As a district we have met this transition, like the rest, with responsibility and humility. Thanks for your support.

With so much happening in the world, our students might have questions about what is occuring in Ukraine. Below, please find a link that offers some suggestions on how to have that difficult conversation.

How to talk about conflict with children

This update will provide you with information on:

1. Calendar Update

2. Outside Lunch Resumes

3. Spring Parties

4. Pre-K and Pre-K Screening

5. Spring Clubs

6. April Spirit Schedule

7. Pick-up and Drop-off

8. Community Events

Thank you!

Mr. Ryan Mahlman


Dragons of the Month- February

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T2 Honor Roll

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Ms. Cooney's Class Celebrates Women's History Month

1. Calendar Update

April 1st- Half Day for Students (12:30 Dismissal)

April 13th- HSC Wendy's Spirit Night- Wendy's Voorhees

April 14th- Half Day for Students and Teachers (12:30 Dismissal)

April 15th-April 22nd- Spring Break

April 23rd- Laurel Lake Clean-up 9am (Rain Date:April 30th)

April 28th- Virtual Antibullying School Magic Show

April 28th- HSC Tea-Doors open at 6:30

May 2nd-6th- Spring Book Fair

May 2nd-6th- State Testing Week

May 2nd-6th- Teacher Appreciation Week

May 4th- 6th Grade Wax Museum (Rain Date May 5th) 6:15-7:15pm

May 6th- Half Day for Students (12:30 Dismissal)

May 11th- HSC Wendy's Spirit Night- Wendy's Voorhees

May 20th - Half Day for Students (12:30 Dismissal)

May 20th - HSC Coach Bag Bingo

May 21st- Walt Fest/Laurel Springs Day (Laurel Springs Rec Committee Event) 11-3pm

May 24th- HSC Bingo (Rain Date May 26th)

May 27th- Half Day for Students and Teachers (12:30 Dismissal)

May 30th- School Closed-Memorial Day

June 2nd- Move-up Day 1:40- 2:15pm

June 3rd- Half Day for Students (12:30 Dismissal)

June 9th- Olympic Day

June 15th- 6th Grade Promotion

June 15th, 16th, 17th- Half Day for Students (12:30 Dismissal)

June 20th- Last Day of School/3rd Trimester Report Cards Issued (12:30 Dismissal)

2. Outside Lunch

Although this week may not seem like it, warm weather will be rolling in soon. Our students will be resuming our previous practice of eating lunch outside on nice days. Please feel free to send in a towel or blanket for your student to sit on while enjoying the sunny days ahead. It is good practice to send these in for the week, then wash them on the weekend and send them back the next week.

3. Spring Parties

On April 14th, Students in Grades PK-2 will be having a Spring Party with an egg hunt. Students in Grades 3-6 will hold a Spring Party, but without an egg hunt. Teachers will be reaching out to room parents for help planning, if they have not done so already. Anything edible inside an egg must be prepackaged. Eggs will be taken home to enjoy.

Guidelines for the parties are as follows:

  • Celebration times will be no longer than 1 hour in length and will be scheduled with your classroom teacher.
  • Students can play a game and/or create a craft.
  • 1 Prepackaged snack (Keep these healthy and simple.)- Avoid anything w peanuts.
  • Water (no juice)
  • A bag with prepackaged snacks, pencils, erasers etc. can be sent home with students.

4. Pre-K and Pre-K Screening

Pre-K screening appointments were scheduled and completed last week. Regular Education Pre-K is capped at 10 students according to a need basis. You will receive a letter on or around May 1st notifying you if your child has been accepted or if they have been placed on the waitlist. If you have a student entering Pre-K and have not made an appointment to have them screened or completed an application, please call the office by April 8th. Final screenings will be conducted April 11th-14th. If you have questions, please feel free to reach us at (856)-783-1086.

5. Spring Clubs

Our Spring Clubs will run from April 26th until May 26th. Each club meets once a week according to the schedule. The same code of conduct and behavioral expectations that apply in school, apply for clubs. Clubs are available for students in 1st Grade and up to 6th Grade. Clubs run from 3pm-4pm. Students in Grades 1-3 must be picked up from club. Students in Grades 4-6 may walk with parent permission.

  • Club sign-ups are done online through SIgn-Up Genius on a first come, first served basis. Please be accommodating of other families when selecting how many clubs you sign up for. Our clubs are at no cost to our families and we want to be as inclusive as possible.

  • Clubs are held Tuesdays-Thursdays. There are no clubs on half days.

  • The link to sign up for Spring Clubs will go out on April 11th at 4pm through BrightArrow email and text message. Sign-ups will close on April 13th at 4pm. At that time no additional sign-ups will be taken.

Available Spring Clubs:

  • Tuesdays- Olympic Club for Grades 4-6, Jump Rope Club for Grades 1-4, Lego Club for Grades 2-3, Bridge Club for Grades 5-6

  • Wednesdays- Outside Games Club for Grades 1-3, Yoga Club for Grades 4-6, Promotion Club for Grade 6

  • Thursdays- Garden Club for Grades 4-6, Running Club for Grades 3-6, Recorder Club for Grades 2-4

6. April Spirit Schedule

This spirit schedule was completed by some of our very own 6th Graders. Remember, EVERY FRIDAY is LSS Spirit Shirt Day unless designated otherwise on the monthly spirit calendar!
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7. Pick-up and Drop-off

Please refrain from parking in fire lanes or restricted areas during afternoon pick-up or morning drop-off. Park your car and walk to pick up or drop off your students. On regular days this clogs up the arrival and dismissal process, but in an emergency, this would present an even larger issue. Thanks for your understanding.

The Lorax - Mrs. Stango's Class

8. Community Events

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