Jackson's Presidency Term

How Jackson made our country into darkness.

Trails of Tears

Jackson wanted what the people most agreed on. They where peaceful but they grew cotton, had a written language, read newspapers and had their own constitution. Where the whites lived want more land and they try to move them peacefully or the settlers will deal with it themselves. The Cherokee moved out of Georgia to Oklahoma and many died along the vast journey.

The National Bank

Jackson attacked and destroyed the national bank as being origination which favored the wealthy people had no control over. Jackson vetoed the National Bank to be rebuilt and this made the country terrible because of his actions.

Spoils System

People that knew Jackson asked him for jobs and Jackson gave it to some of the people he knew and didn't know. The problem with that was that many of the people he assigned jobs to where not even qualified or intelligent enough to work there.
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Cherokee Letter

Hello Cherokee Indian I am so sorry about you leaving your "country" its a shame you had to leave. It is just Jackson and the people that want you out because they want more land just because they "need more money". It was your country you where there way longer that we have been here. Its terrible now that you have to move from an amazing forest to a deserted low life place in Oklahoma.


Jaden Sanchez


Hey great job that we moved those Indians out so we have more land to grow cotton on. Thanks to Jackson moving them with the soldiers we can never see those colored people again. But some of their buildings might get in the way and how much you think it will cost?

Ok thanks I hope I can see you some time soon well see ya.