November Recap!

Celebrating the successes of our Oily enJoyMint team!

Way to go team!

November brought us lots of great food, good memories, time with family and some chilly days! We had new members join us! We had new builders teaching classes! We've had a lot of excitement being spread! It was a fantastic month and it's only getting better!

Let's celebrate some awesome Oily enJoyMint partners from November!!!!

Check out these ROCKSTARS!

Putting it out there!

A personal goal...

I have been blown away by the effort that each of you put into your business. Stepping out of comfort zones, putting yourself out there, and reaching for big goals! You inspire me every day! I love seeing the steps you're taking to spread the oily joy and grow your business! The past two months, because of all your effort, we have surpassed the group OGV needed to become an Executive Team!!!! What does that mean?? An Executive team has 4,000 group OGV and two legs of 1,000 OGV each. So, I'm putting it out goal is to bring our team to the Executive level by January!!!!!!

This is a HUGE goal but I know we can do it! Let's work together to keep up the momentum from a fabulous past couple months, finish the year STRONG and start out the year hitting BIG GOALS!

Press PLAY, then keep reading!


Keep your business Rockin' through the Holidays!

This time of year becomes very crazy and overwhelming very fast! With decorations to put up, cookies to bake, parties to attend, presents to buy, and lots and lots of visitors! Don't let the craziness of the holiday season stall your business! This is the 'most wonderful time of the year' to share the oily joy with friends and family!

Print out our Holiday Tracker and fill. it. out.! Reach out to TWO people a day and share essential oils with them! Do this every day for the month of December and watch how much your business grows! Are you a trailblazer...print out Two trackers and reach out to Four people a day!

Don't forget to post a picture of your tracker in our Oily enJoyMint Business Builders page!!! There may just be some surprises for people who do this tracker with me!!!!
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What's coming in December??

We have a TON of incentives going on in December. Share them with your teams and don't forget about them for yourself, too!

The BIG WCOI Giveaway!

And, a HUGE giveaway from our larger We Can Oil It team....
So many promotions and giveaways are happening this month! It's a great opportunity to reach out to family and friends and share Young Living with them! Use your oily supplies to create Christmas gifts or fabulous hostess gifts for those hosting Christmas parties this season!

Secret Santa!!!

I'm so excited to be hosting a Secret Santa for our team this year! I hope you all have a lot of fun sharing your favorite oily items with fellow Oily enJoyMint members! If you're not part of the Secret Santa fun this year, don't worry, you can jump in next year!!
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Let's get this party started!

Alright ladies, let's finish this year with a bang! Need help with Anything??? Let me know! I'm here to help you reach your goals!
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Sharing the love

I'm bringing the Healthier Oil the Thyme rank up gifts to Oily enJoyMint! This Rank Up incentive is for all business builders within my first 3 levels! That means that everyone receiving this e-mail is eligible to receive this gift from me!!!!

These Oily enJoyMint rank up gifts will begin in December for anyone who qualifies, BUT I will count your November OGV towards your goals! So, if you reached or surpassed $1,000 OGV in November, that will count as your Month 1!!!

Learn together, Grow together, Succeed together!