Technology Safety

jose hernandez

Internet safety

-Dont put things you wouldnt tell your partents on the internet

-Turn off location on social media.

-dont go to websites your not allowed to or the requier 18 or older

-you never know who you talk to on social media


-things that are funny to you about other people may not be funny to them

-Cyberbulluing is #1 on the internet safety list

-alot of people have killed themselfs from cyberbullying and because of people making fun of then in and outside of school.

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Social media

-Do post pictures where your at at that instant, post them when you leave that place.

-dont talk to people your unfumiliare

-if someone famous in real life and sends you a request 1 out of a million that thats not going to be them.

creeper alert

-dont talk to some girl/boy that looks supper pretty and only has one picture

-dont talk to strangers if they try and talk to you and ask were you live

-dont let them know any personal info about you.