James A. Naismith

Father of basketball


Do you ever played basketball and wonder who invented this great sport ?

This should help you.

early life and childhood

James A. Naismith was born Nov. 6,1861 in Almonte Ontario, Canada.He was orphaned by John and Margaret Naismith at the age of nine.He was then cared for by Peter Young , his uncle.He married Maude Sherman on June 20 ,1894 .He then had five children Margaret, Helen, John, Carolyn, and Jack Naismith. He died on an unknown date in 1939 this was a sad year for his family knowing he was only 73.

Fun Fact

James A Naismith also invented the first football helment.


James Naismith invented Basket ball as a game for his job at the YMCA in 1839. The rules had under 600 words today they are over 6,000 words! he helped our society with physical ed , with out James A. Naismith basket ball players would not have a job . He helped people have dreams.Even today little boys and girls dream to be pro basket ball players.Thanks to him we can have fun why staying fit.

What did I learn?

I learned that no matter whats in your past pay attention to now because that is when you will be amazing .


James A. Naismith was a good man with a great invention.