Danielle's Oily Update

April 2016

Think Spring!!

We are all anticipating warm weather. But with spring comes little pests. Prevent ants and spiders in your home with a simple peppermint spray. Prevention is easier than trying to combat a full-fledged infestation. So start early and often!
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For outside protection, I love this recipe for homemade bug spray. It smells great and it's safe for even little babies, unlike all the over-the-counter bug sprays that are loaded with chemicals. Citronella tends to go out of stock in the summer. So stock up while you can.

Bug Repellent

Thieves - 5 drops

Purification - 5 drops

Melaleuca - 5 drops

Lemon - 3 drops

Lavender - 3 drops

Peppermint - 3 drops

Citronella - 3 drops

Add to a spray bottle with a mixture of 2 ounces of distilled water and 2 ounces of witch hazel.

Check out these rewards for April!

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I hope you enjoyed this month's newsletter. I'm booking parties for the spring. If you're interested and have a few friends you think would be interested in learning about oils, I'd be happy to teach an Oils-101 Class. Or I can do a make-take party, where you and your friends can take home some of my favorite recipes! And as a hostess incentive, I'll give you $10 off your next order for each kit that is sold at your party.

Oily Love,