Personal Presentation (Psychology)

Mariam Qureshi

Choosing the Class

Psychology and other studies of human behavior and the mind have always fascinated me and I believed that taking this class would be a great opportunity to have some knowledge and insight about a subject I hope to have a profession in.

Personal Piece

I was born and raised in Miami, Florida and I moved to Texas this past August. In my free time I really enjoy reading, and catching up on TV shows, primarily one's that have to do with with comedy, Sci-Fi, or crime.
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What I most enjoy about Byron Nelson High School is that it has a very dedicated fine arts department (theatre. band, etc.-) as I've never attended a school where fine arts was important to both students and teachers.


I currently follow Mara Wilson (Played the titular character in "Matilda") [@MaraWritesStuff] because it's really interesting to see a satirical view of Hollywood and pop culture from someone who was involved in the industry from an incredibly young age and chose to leave it on her own.