Video Games In Today's Age

Modern Video Games

Modern Day Gaming

In the current generation, video games are a huge hit. Millions of people around the world play games every day. There are all different genres of games such as MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), adventure and journey, violence FPS (First Person Shooters) and much more. FPS are the most awaited and played games of the generation. With how big gaming is in todays age, what all goes into that game everyone loves? Is there anything behind the scenes? Can gaming change from a beloved past-time, to a well paying job? The answers and much more are to come.

The Cost of Video Games

In this modern day and age, according to a study by M2 Research, creating a well selling, multi-platform, game costs as much as nearly thirty million dollars (Crossley 1) Single platform games can cost around ten million (Crossley 1)! The cost of actually purchasing one of the multi-platform games can vary depending on the system. The approximate cost of such games are as follows: Wii approximately fifty dollars, PS3 around sixty dollars, and XBox360 leading the group at roughly sixty-five dollars. But, with all these big costs, what are you truly getting out of the game?

Children and Violent Video Games

According to Aacap, American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, todays age of video games emphasize on negative themes (Aacap 2). Games give children the mind set that animal cruelty, illegal actions, fighting, etc, are "Ok" to do. Aacap believes that although some games might push for education and learning, the more popular games of the generation are of the opposite. But although these games might emphasize the wrong ethics, there is a reason as to why this should not be the game or its makers fault. Pamf, Palo Alto Medical Foundation, tells us, "The most widely used "positive" impact video games are said to have on children is that they may improve a players manual dexterity and computer literacy" (Pamf 2). Against the argument, Chris Stevens, of, tells us that studies show how video games can warp a players mind. An example being a popular game called "Tetris." Players dream of this game and about playing this game. His argument is, if players of this game get warped to this degree, what happens to those who play the more violent games such as all the FPS out there (Stevens 2,3,5). Also, all games go by a age scale of "E" for everyone to "M" for the seventeen and older gamer. Its truly up to the parent or adult providing the game to a younger player to understand and decide whether the child should play the game. With the up and down argument against and for violent video games, what good could possibly come from playing them?

Living off Video Games

Today, around the world, many gamers are capable of playing what they love for a living. There are many ways a gamer could possibly be paid for their work. One possible payment would be YouTube. On YouTube, you care capable of bringing in revenue from the Ads on your videos. With more viewers, although exact numbers are not aloud to be shared, large scale YouTubers are capable or making a better than average living off of their videos alone. You could also be sponsored by a company to play for them such as the picture below. "Swifty" is a player on a online game called "WorldOfWarcraft." He is sponsored by a company named "Razor" who develop new equipment for all gamer needs such as mouses, keyboards, computers, headsets, and much more. They pay him to basically talk about there product and advertise for them. He is given samples to test and shows the viewers what they can do and why they should invest in a Razor product. A final option available to gamers would be a website known and Twitch.Tv. As quoted by Graham, Co-founder and streamer, "Not only do I make a living off of live streaming, but I see an increase in individuals doing that around me" (CBSNews 9). This site pays gamers to Live stream broadcast in real time, there games. The producer may play an ad that they gain revenue from as well as the site whenever they please. This allows the player to make an income dependent on how often then play and ad, and how many viewers there are. With all these different methods for living off gaming, who might be able to partake?

Who Can Play?

So the question might be, "Who can play video games?" Anyone can play video games. At any age, a person can play some sort of game. Babies and young children can even play with their small learning devices. Teens and young adults can surely play, for they are the main audience targeted by gaming. Even the older generations, if they find they enjoy and want to partake, can play any game. There are more active systems, such as the Wii, for the more athletic person. Consoles such as the Xbox for the gamers who wish to sit and relax. Even a computer can be turned into a gaming consul if someone so desires! Anyone, of any shape or size, can most likely play video games if they set there mind to do so. Then again, you might ask, "Why would anyone even want to play games? Why would someone decide to make a profession out of gaming or making the games people love?"

Why Play?

So why would a person want to spend so much time playing video games? Research teams have not been able to bring up full diagnoses of "Video Game Addiction," but increasing evidence shows that it is out there. If you have ever experienced it, you will know its real (CRC Health Group 1). Yes this may seem like a problem, and it is, but its thought only ten to fifteen percent of all gamers end up with addiction. Many gamers are capable of balancing there time wisely and still play a few hours a week. So why play in the first place? A lot of todays population around the world have grown up in a generation where technology has taken over. With real and ever increasing ability of graphics, many players are drawn in to play. With games suited to just about everyone, its hard not to get stuck on one you might just like.

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