4th Grade Painting

Art at the Pi Day

Hi everyone!

Some questions have been asked about the art that your class did on Pi Day. It will be for sale, but not at the gala auction. Instead, all of the class art and donated art pieces will be at a separate event, "ExtraOrdinary" - a pop-up art gallery and fine arts sale happening on Weds., May 13th from 4-8 pm. Jennifer Tamez (5th grade mom) and I are spearheading the event. More info will be forthcoming, but let me just tell you we have secured some incredible art already! We've got some really amazing artists who are donating to our pop-up gallery (Shepard Fairey, famed photographer Ralph Gibson, LA street artist WRDSMTH, and more!). It's going to be free, with live music, drinks and perhaps an artist or two showing up to create a piece on the spot. It will be at Voila! Studio (518 N. La Brea), owned by a WeHo parent who is generously donating her space for the event. The class art will be displayed beautifully, like a real gallery showing and will be up for auction. The piece that your class did on Pi day will be included, with probably another piece added. And, believe me, you'll want to come and bid on their art! It turned out beautiful! I'll attach a pic, just to give you a taste of what the kids created. Russo and Navarro classes did similar pieces with different colors. The theme of Pi day was obviously circles, so they used various sizes of the leftover plastic caps dipped in paint to create the piece. It is recycled math pages on canvas. This piece is Mr. Navarro's classroom. As I mentioned, more info will be forthcoming, and please note that the info could change, more artists will be added, etc., so this is not set in stone. But, I wanted to get the word out so that you weren't looking for it at the gala. See you Saturday night! Rachel Quaintance

Please let us know if you have questions.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Russo's 4th Grade Room Parents:

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