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Internet Text Search And Jobs Search Publicized On Third Party Internet Sites

Web search has been evolving as we can see during the last few years. In spite of Google is overtaking the world wide web search, is a result of other search engines like yahoo continue to be valuable. Internet text search is vital part of our life. But habitually we stick to a definite search results and ignore others. This process might be good or wrong but we have been doing that while there is no alternative. Even meta search engines like yahoo are certainly not improving the situation since the things they offer is not acceptable. Web users do not need to realize that search term they looking for available at the fifteenth position on the internet.com along with the twenty ninth position on Yahoo.com. Internet users require the key word information itself.
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Internet users have to have a tool that will increase speed of Internet browsing and improve search results objectivity by reflecting them from targeted search engines like google on SEPARATED google pages. Also this software ought to be capable of detect website links on google pages and automatically open them in browser windows or tabs. This feature must be regulated manually by user.
Such tool was developed by Internet Applications Company located in Toronto, Canada.
The approval looks like mini website on your pc accessible only for local machine users. But it's not really a website. It's software like MS Word or Outlook Express running on customer's machine. It might work if you are doing something else on your computer and saving your 'visual energy' which we spend during the browsing the web and becoming tired for that. This software may help a lot in order to look through numerous links on search results result page. Nevertheless it won't open sponsored links.
Quite sure reflects our point view the way to increase relevance and objectivity of Internet search results.
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