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When thinking about your daily 5, I want you to envision this as virtual networking- not a daunting task. This should be a quick and easy way to get your name out there, make connections, book parties and make sales. I have some tips and tricks to help you!

1) Who to contact:

  • Make a list & check it twice....start by thinking of your inner circle and work out from there. The farther out you go, the more creative you may have to go BUT this will allow you to broaden your horizons and make more connections.
  • Think: FRIENDS, FAMILY, ACQUAINTANCES, BUSINESSES..... A friend of a friend may just throw that $1000 party! The dental hygienist may take that look book you gave her and buy the bridal set for her wedding.
  • Other DS reps...this is a no-brainer!!! at a vendor event? make friends with them. Some have been in it a long time and can give sage advice and have a tremendous network base. Tap into what they have instead of re-creating the wheel.
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2) How to contact:

  • Ask and you shall receive: hand out a business card- ask for one back. Give them your website- ask for their number! Being friendly and not pushy makes them welcomed and invited to be friends with you or to want to make a business connection.
  • TALK- do not be the wallflower at an event. By donning your C+I to literally every place you go (I do it) you will naturally get conversations out of it. Don't stop at the "thank you" after a compliment- follow through with "oh, it i part of my jewelry line/ it really does match everything- good thing it's my own company...etc."
  • SMILE- be friendly.....when out and about, say hi to people. Strike up convos while waiting for your mocha, chocolate chip frap with a splash of Breve!
  • CONSISTENCY......This is key! If you do not act like you care about your business- WHY should anyone else?????? Keeping plugging away. People ARE watching what you do and DO NOT do!!! The psychology behind buying is powerful. I personally am the brand. People now know me as the jewelry lady, the girl who sells C+I, etc. I WANT that title...that means that they will come to ME for their jewelry/ accessory needs!!!
  • EMAIL.... did you know that even though you have people in your dashboard, if they have NOT ordered yet....they are NOT getting those lovely emails from HQ???? It's up to you to reach out to people that are not on Facebook. MailChimp is one of many mass subscription providers that lets you send out professional-worthy emails for free.
  • TEXT....duh!!! shoot a photo from content center to someone! These are just stunning and worthy to drool over. let them know in a personal message that this made you think of their impeccable style and fashion sense.
  • The good ol' phone call!!!!! It never hurts to pick up the telly and say "hi"!!! Especially, those far away! Why not "catch up" and see how they are. this is great for the long lost host that three that amazing 1200 party back in September but hasn't shopped since.
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3) Why you need to contact:

  • This is YOUR business. No one else's....who will do this for you if you don't?
  • You want to maintain consistent parties and sales- this will not happen if you are not talking to people or asking if they'd like gorgeous jewelry free?
  • Set your monthly goal....I say, for every $1000 in sales you want to hit, you need 2-3 parties booked per month (this is my average rate- everyone is different) You need to get out there and secure these parties.....they aren't going to walk up to you!
  • For major milestones and advancement into a leadership position, you need to position yourself to be successful.
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4) When to contact:

  • Depending how hectic your day is, set aside 15-30 minutes...3 minutes per text/email....a little more for a phone call or social media blast.
  • Waiting at the doctor's / dance recital/ karate practice/ field hockey game
  • Lunch break
  • Naptime for the kids
  • When you go to the bathroom (little extreme- but I sometimes get my best work done there!)
  • Right before bed
  • Before work
  • When you are on your couch relaxing/ watching the Walking Dead, etc.
  • Opt for giving your business some TLC rather than Candy Crush.....seriously, that is NOT a joke.
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I am here for you!

I want to help you build your business to everything you want it to be! Do you want to have $250 in extra spending money each month? Do you want #forever40 status and 40% commission? Do you want to use this experience as a platform to advance your career? LET'S DO IT!

xo - Johnna