Coach Hudnall's P.E Class

By: Yadira Velazquez Period: 5

Definition for P.E.

P.E means physical education. Another thing that p.e means is when you exercise, play, and have fun! :)

locker room rules!

1. Do not share lockers

2. put electronic devices in your locker so that nobody can steel it.

3. do not leaves a mess

4. do not leave clothes on the floor.

Code Of Conduct

1. Be treated fairly

2. tell the truth

3. be kind/nice

4. do not steal

5. participate in class

6. be in your spot when the teacher takes attendance.

Dress up Procedures

1. hair pulled back/ in a hairband

2. have the wreite shoes

3. shorts may not be too short.

4. clothes have to be appropriate

5. must be dressed out every day except on Fridays unless the teacher tells you not too.

6. on Thursdays or Fridays, you will be able to take home your clothes and get them washed.

7. if you do not dress out, you will do consequences and you will not like it.

8. you will only have 5 minutes to change before the bell rings.