Friday Focus

Carlisle Elementary School

December 5, 2014

Upcoming Events:

12/16 - CES TEAM Awesome Christmas Potluck

12/16 - Preschool Christmas Musical 9 am

12/18 - Tacky Christmas Attire Fashion Show 12:45 in the cafeteria

12/18- District Christmas Party

12/19 - End of 2nd Quarter (42 days)


  • Christmas Party form is due in the office today.
  • If you receive money and/or an order form for a CD of last nights musical, please send to the office.
  • Students will be dismissed at 2:00 on December 17th and 18th (teachers at 3:00) and at 12:00 on December 19th (teachers at 12:20).
  • Bison Tree items are due Monday, December 8th.

Packed House at the CES Christmas Musical

Big shout out to Mrs. "V" and the K, 2nd and 3rd grade students! The Christmas musical was awesome and the cafeteria was packed! Thanks to all that helped set up and break down the cafeteria and monitor students during the program. Your help was much needed and very appreciated! Our students represented our school well last night! If you missed the program, the CES Student Council is selling CDs of the event. The price is $10. Congratulations Mrs. Vanzandt!

Tacky.....the New Vogue!

The 2nd Annual CES Tacky Christmas Attire Fashion Show will be held on Thursday, December 18th at 12:45 in the cafeteria. Specifics will be shared early next week. Get those creative, competitive minds going! It is sure to be a tacky good time!

Norton's Noticings

  • Students are continually using the "Bucket Filling" phrase and have really taken ownership of this endeavor.
  • The RTI process, while still relatively new to us and still a bit cumbersome, is working. Thank you for embracing this undertaking and for being patient as we work out the kinks.
  • Sixth grade teachers have started a newsletter that is going home monthly in an effort to increase communication with parents.
  • Fifth grade teachers are on a HUGE grant writing campaign! Looking forward to seeing the results!
  • We have a new addition to 5th grade. Pascal the Hedgehog is now residing in Mrs. Sanders class. He is adorable!

GATE Product Fair was a HUGE Success!

The GATE Product Fair proved to be a big success again this year! Our young entrepreneurs collectively sold $1706 worth of merchandise. According to Mrs. Park, Olivia Brown set the all time sales record with $257 in sales. Cody Snider, from Bancorp South, presented the first place winners with gift cards. Congratulations to all the GATE students and to Mrs. Park! Students invited to the Y.E.S. Expo in Little Rock will be announced on December 10th!

You've Been Snowballed Game

The Celebration Committee will be starting a You've Been Snowballed Game in the spirit of the giving season. The directions for the game are as follows: 1) You will receive a You've Been Snowballed sign and small gift (less than $1.00 ex. candy bar, coke, holiday pin etc.) Enjoy your gift. 2) Cut out and place the You've Been Snowballed sign on your door or in a visible window. 3) Choose someone to snowball and provide a "goody". 4) Secretly deliver to a coworker that has not yet been elf-ed. Keep an eye on the doors to see how quickly the game spreads. A Google Form will be shared today. Please fill it out asap so that we know who wants to play along! This will start on Tuesday, December 9th!