Sandy Rodriguez


Grassland are found in like any where. Like in any content. But can not be found and Antarctic.


The climate in grasslands are 10 and 20 inches of precipitation a year. In the summer most often it is warm or hot.


The tempeture in the pairie is 20*F and 70*F in July.


The precipitation in grasslands is so eratic droughts may prevent fire to cause the forests to grow.


All of the grasslands animals share a lack of shelter to protect for predictors. Some animals that inhabit temperate grasslands in North America are bison.


Trees and large shrubs are Harley found in grasslands areas. Because of these plants that live in the grasslands the animals can survive and live on.


The people who are in the grasslands and living. They grow corn and wheat and some other food. This is who they can eat and live. Sometimes the people can work at a company the people who work there they pack the food and send them to stores where there they sell them.


The prairies there is not that many trees. There is mostly trees in the hills and slopes. The prairie soil is rich in nutrients and is ideals for the growth of plant life. Hunters have been to the prairie and they have hunted animals.


The monarch butterfly drinks some of the drinks or eats som of the milkweed plant. The milkweed plant is very poison so when ever the butterflies eats or drinks the milkweed they will have poison in them so the birds won't eat them.


Did you know that poison Ivy came from the prairie the poison ivy is located in the edge of the prairies. The poison ivy is dangerous because it contains poison so when your bare skin touches it you get these red dots on you or you can die or have major problems.


Did you know that the prairies is famous of there beautifully flowers


Did you know that the most famous animal in the grassland is the bumblebee the bumblebee is dangerouse because it has a poison little needle that stabes you and puts posin in your body's

American balled eagle

This is a American bald eagle this is an animal that lives in grasslands. The bald sale lives in most of the north America taiga but eighty percent lives in Alaska.the Bald Eagle prefers to eat dead animals but will also eat live fish and chicken. They don't eat ever day but they can.


Some of these plants provide medicine. Some of the medicine was used hundered of years ago.


Tye bobcat is a wild cat that wighs an average of 33 pounds. This cat is very mean to other animals this cat protects its terror terry. This cat does not like other animals.

Prairie dog

Prairie dogs are cousins to ground squirrels. The prairie dogs came from Canada and Northern Mexico. These little dogs act like people. They are scared when there is other animals around them.


Did you know that coyotes are not that bad. They are friendly if you treat them right. Coyotes are part of the dog group. Coyotes used to just live in the norther western United States. But now they live and any part of the united sates. The coyotes get pregnant but they only last till 60 to 63 days. The females give birth in the spring to 5 or 6 pups. The pups weigh 7-10 ounces and they are born blind. A lot of the coyotes are very good at hearing.