Dissecting Media

Understanding Media's Inner Workings

Media and Media Literacy

I think that "Media" can be anything that can be used to communicate or share information on a large scale. It is a way of connecting with people that one may not necessarily know or are geographically close to. Usually when I think of media, I specifically think of everyday things like the T.V. or radio or news.Though there are a lot of other forms of media, such as magazines and newspapers and other forms of print. However, in our day and age, the electronic versions of social media tend to be more prevalent in society. In fact, I feel like there is no place where media is present. It is such a huge part of our everyday lives, I am not sure how we would operate without it. I know I can barely go half a day without going on Twitter or watching t.v. and listening to the radio. As for being literate in media, I believe that one has to not only know what is considered media, but also understand how it works and how to use it in an effective way. Older generations may know what media is, especially social media, yet they do not know how to operate them so they are not considered "Media Literate." For us younger generations, we do not even think about being literate in media because we have grown up with it and use it on a daily basis. Basically I believe it is the same thing as regular literacy, which is being able to read and write. Only with media literacy, the reading and writing is understanding media and knowing how to use it.

Official Coca-Cola "Big Game" Commercial 2014 - America Is Beautiful

Coca-Cola's Super Bowl Commercial

In their Super Bowl commercial, "America is Beautiful" (2014), Coca-Cola illustrates an America that holds its beauty in its people. Coke does this by highlighting people of many different ages, lifestyles, and ethnicities while featuring the distinctly American song, "America the Beautiful", in varied languages. The purpose of Coca-Cola's ad is to connect their product to an accepting America and say that we can all be united together by a Coke. The commercial exudes a loving and patriotic tone for its American audience, hopeful that people will be able to see that though we may be different in ethnicity and the languages that we speak, we all have commonalities that bind us together to make one beautiful country.

Too Many Illegals, Not Enough Jobs

Too Many Illegals, Not Enough Jobs

JoAnna Lee, Journalist

Fri. March 21, 2014

DULUTH –All around America, the cry for illegal immigrants to return to their native countries is thunderous. With an unemployment rate of 7.3% in the United States, and even higher rates in specific cities, the job market is tough. So, when Americans cannot get a job, who do they blame? Illegal immigrants.

And rightfully so.

Since the creation of this country, illegal immigrants have been pouring into America, taking up space, stealing jobs, and basically kicking out whatever group of people that gets in their way. This is exactly what the illegal Mexican immigrants are doing right now.

How are Americans expected to find a job when millions of illegals are taking them? How are Americans supposed to get a job as a maid, gardener, waiter, or any other low-wage, unwanted job? The fact is they can’t. It is also a problem because many manual labor companies love illegal immigrants. They can pay the illegals under minimum wage and gain a larger profit off of their businesses.

Illegal immigration from Mexico needs to stop. These illegals are taking away jobs, incomes, and the opportunity to succeed in America. We don’t want their $11 million dollars in taxes or the manual labor they do because Americans see that type of work as below them. We just want them out of our country.

Maybe we should pass a Mexican Exclusion Act.

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The Police - Every Breath You Take

Sounds of 1984

It seems that "Every Breath You Take" by The Police is quite fitting with the themes of 1984. The song gives the impression of being watched and that there is someone out there that knows everything, even how many breaths everyone takes . This is similar to 1984 in that "Big Brother is watching" and with the use of microphones, telescreens, and the Thought Police, Winston and the rest of Oceania are literally watched at all times. Every breath, every fake expression, every movement made is caught by the Party and there is no escaping their eyes. This plays a large part in the Party's ability to control the population. Everyone knows that one wrong move or word could lead to vaporization. So, Winston and everyone else make sure to do and say everything that adheres to the Party's beliefs. Along with the mind games that the Party plays, this essentially gives them control of the citizens' physical bodies. Also, though it is a small part of the song, the line "oh can't you see you belong to me?" reminds me of how the Party does not let anyone go. The Party is determined to make every single member love Big Brother, even if they are unwilling and are destined for death like Winston was.


My understanding of what media and media literacy are has not so much changed as expanding. I still believe media to be a source of communication and sharing of information, but I also see it as a way to educate and expand knowledge. If used correctly, media can be used to open the minds of its audience and have them see different points of view. As for media literacy, I still view it as knowing what media is as well as the understanding of how it works and how to use it. However, I think my idea of how to use it has changed in that media use does not strictly mean how to physically use it, but use it to influence people mentally.

Through this course I have learn a lot about how media can be manipulated as well as manipulating. The news, articles, TV, and all forms of media are not necessarily unbiased or informative. Those in charge give us entertainment rather than critical information. By manipulating the content of what is put into media, we as the audience are being manipulated as well. It has also become evident to me that we do not do anything to question or change the information being fed to us. This course has made me more cautious of the information I read and hear and how it is presented.

As for the course as a whole, Media Literacy has definitely been the most unique Language Arts course I have taken during my high school or even whole school career. The course is not all about learning rules on grammar and figuring out the author’s meaning when they say the sky is “blue”, it is more based on observation, discussion, and critical thinking. Reflecting back on this year, I realize that this class has made me think about and question the world around me more than any other course.

I’m not sure what could be changed about this course because I love it so much as it is now. If anything, I think more media should be included such as news and maybe even social media if it could be used productively. Finding and reading articles online are fine, but it can seem tired since most classes do this as well. Overall, I have really enjoyed Media Literacy.