Post-secondary teacher

by Julia Wecker

Job Description

A Post-Secondary Teacher, specifically in the field of Arts, Drama, or Music, teaches courses in their subject area, prepares weekly lectures, initiates and leads class discussions, and assesses student's performance abilities and growth.

Required Education

Most Colleges and Universities require a Doctoral Degree in the field you want to teach. For example, a Vocal Performance Professor would need a Doctorate in that major. However, some 2 years program will consider applicants with a Master's Degree in their field.


A teaching license is necessary, and depending on your field, an additional field based license is needed (for example, a post-secondary Nursing teacher would need a nursing license).

Average Salary

The Average Salary for Post-Secondary teachers in Arts, Music, or Drama as of May 2013 is $72,630.

Employment Predictions

This Career is expected to grow 19% (faster than average) up to 2022.