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By: Morgan Miller & Lily Armstrong

The Election of Sam Houston *September 5, 1836

Sam Houston won the election. He was the first president of the Republic of Texas. He received 5119 votes. Sam Houston led the troops into San-Jacinto and the battle lasted 18 minutes and they won. This therefore led people to trust them. People like their political leaders to be people who helped them win wars.

Texas Annexation *December 29, 1845

Texas was annexed to the U.S in 1845. It was stated that Texas could be divided into five states. They now only have very little power they no longer have all the power like they used to when they were on their own.

Manifest Destiny *1803-1860

The U.S. wanted to expand from sea to sea. There were boundaries Mexicans thought the boundary was the Nueces river and the Texans thought that the boundary was the Rio Grande. Texas wanted to expand it from sea to sea because they didn't believe that the Mexicans boundary was false
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Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago *Febuary 2, 1848

The treaty stated: That the US got the Mexican cession which included California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming. This also stated Texas was apart of the US. There was permanent peace. They had to respect the rights of Spanish speaking people.

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Mexican Cession *Febuary 1848

This gave Texas some states and they became apart of them. These states included California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming. Which was apart of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. This was important so that Texas could get more resources.
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Fort Sumter *April 12,1861- April 13, 1861

This is the battle where the first shots of the Civil War were fired. The Confederate did open fire on the Union. This one act started the Civil was which was one of the bloodiest was of all. Confederate State army was placed in control of Confederate army. This started the war the Union won.

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Gettysburg *July 1, 1863- July 3, 1863

This battle was the turning point of the Civil War. This was the last battle of the Civil War fought on Union ground. It was the turning point from having confederate having the advantage the Union had it because it was on their home lands.
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Appomattox Court House *April 9, 1865

General Robert E. Lee of the Confederates surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant of the Union. The war was ended here. This was the end of the war and it marked the end of the bloodiest war in U.S history. The Union won the war.
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13th Amendment *December 6, 1865

This amendment abolished slavery and freed the slaves. No more people could be slaves. No states were aloud to have slaves. This took a while to have them accept this amendment because no one wanted to have to pay the people who they used to command for free.
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14th Amendment *July 9, 1868

This amendment gave all people born or naturalized in the U.S. citizenship. This helped us because now we had more workers we could pay to work for us, but this was also bad because they weren't working for free and we were losing more money.
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15th Amendment *Febuary 3, 1870

This amendment gave all African American men the right to vote, but did not allow any race of women to vote. This Amendment angered woman because they weren't aloud to vote but the men were aloud too. Even the African American men could vote but no woman.
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Essay: 13th Amendment and Texas Annexation

The 13th amendment states that all slaves shall be feed forever. This effected Texas economically because they now had to pay the slaves if they had any. Also, socially the whites were extremely mad since they had to pay the blacks and that the blacks free. Since the slaves weren't allowed to be taught how to read or write, it was tough for the to find a job. Some blacks just stayed and worked on plantations and picked cotton since that is what they knew. Politically, all of the blacks could now do a lot of things, since they were now freed. The blacks now had more power than they have ever had in their life. There was now a chance of black leaders in the U.S. The 13th amendment changed the U.S. economically, socially and even politically.

When Texas got annexed into the U.S, lots of thing changed. Economically, this was good for Texas because the U.S paid all of Texas's debts off. Texas had 2 million dollars in debts after the Mexican war and becoming annexed into the U.S. Being annexed into the U.S affected Texas socially, too. Texas was happy because they had more freedom. For instance, you didn't have to be Catholic or speak Spanish. Texas was also changed in a good way politically. There president was the president of the U.S and not their own president. They didn't have to deal with Santa Anna, the dictator, anymore. They now could vote for their own president and have a say. Texas was overall more happy. Being annexed into the U.S, changed Texas drastically in a good way.

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