What to Expect

Mothers and Prenatal development by Estefany and Holly

First Trimester

The woman will experience an increase in estrogen, period stops, breasts become tender, morning sickness, mood swings, fatigue, and shortness of breath.

The baby's heart is beating and the intestines are forming, the baby is a size of a kidney bean, earlobes, eyelids, mouth, nose are taking shape. The bladder, lungs, and intestines form by week 5.

Second Trimester

The mother will gain 3 to 4 pounds, larger breasts, uterus may start to contract to build strength for the real event, skin pigmentation starts to change, stretch marks in the abdominal area, feel dizziness, leg cramps, and can feel the baby kick.

The baby's fingers and toes are evident, and eyebrows, eyelids, eyelashes, nails, and hair are developing. Teeth and bones become denser. The baby can suck their thumb, can yawn, stretch, and make faces. Nervous system can function. The baby is 12 inches long at the end of the 6th month.

Third Trimester

The mom feels the baby kick more frequently, back aches, bleeding, feel mild contractions, breasts have grown 2 pounds, more fatigue, anxiety, gains 25 to 35 pounds, hemorrhoids, and swelling.

The baby has fat that's beginning to develop. The baby is 14 inches at 7 months. Hearing and sight has fully developed. Brain is developing rapidly, and most internal systems are developed. The lungs are nearly developed, and can blink, turn head, and grasp firmly. And responds to sounds, light, and touch.

Advice for the father

As an expectant father don't worry about what type of father you will be, you'll be fine. Pay attention to your relationship with your significant other, having a strain on your relationship will affect the child. Feeling left out is normal, your job comes after the baby is born. Have an honest relationship with your significant other. Don't seclude yourself from your significant other, and don't let stereotypes affect your relationship with your significant other, and child.