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Week 8 -- Favorite Friday

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Week 8

  • This Friday is "Favorite Day". Wear your favorite anything:).
  • NEXT FRIDAY - Where your "Cancer Hair, Don't Care" T-Shirt and as much pink as you can! We will be making ribbons for the Susan G Komen walk. Also, if you have any pink ribbon or clothes pins, please send those in next week.

  • Cell Phones - We are going to begin (again) making sure that student cell phones go in the wall holder each day. If you need your child during school hours, please call Missy or Melissa (both our numbers are always at the bottom of the email). Our wonderfully eloquent ladies enjoy communicating a bit too much at times:).
  • Progress reports are published after week 9 and are available in the grade book as soon as they are published (usually during week 10). Report cards are published at the end of the 1st semester in January.
  • School ends at 4:30 Monday-Friday. On Fridays, we have to be 100% cleaned up and out of the room by 5:00 due to boot camp.
  • Please log in and select a test site (for STAAR in the spring) in the next week or so. If you have any other items on your to-do list (OTHER than attendance or clearing lessons), please complete them as well.

A few reminders:

  • You can start looking over grade books. Most students have completed at least one assessment, and grades will continue to fluctuate until multiple assessments are taken. Quizzes, portfolios, and tests make up the bulk of a student's average, and until we complete a few of these, grades are still quite fluid. Check the grade book if you'd like, but keep in mind that a week still makes a big difference after only 13 school days. The way I explain it to the girls... your average may say 100% or 60% in the first few weeks. Honestly, neither of these are a true reflection of your ability. We realize that, at some point, you will miss something, and we also realize that you know quite a bit and will show that over multiple assessment opportunities.
  • Texting/Calls - Students know that they are welcome to call/text either one of us until 9:00pm. We are happy to help! Our phones are on "do not disturb" mode after that, and we will respond the next day. They know if we do not respond immediately at any time, we might be busy with family/home life, but that we will respond ASAP.
  • Questions? Concerns? Thoughts? Ideas? Please call us:)

Upcoming events

  • 21st - We will stop school at 2:00 on Friday and from 2:00-4:00, we will be making pink ribbons for the Susan G Komen foundation (more info to come next week!)
  • 28th- Halloween Class Party!


  • 22nd - Thanksgiving kick-off at Ms. Essler's house after school. Movies and Munchies (more info to come)
  • 23rd-25th - No School! Happy Thanksgiving!


  • 16th - Class Christmas Party
  • 17th- January 2nd No School - Happy Holidays!


  • 3rd (Tuesday) - Welcome Back!
  • 12th - LAST day of 1st semester

Interested in being a room parent?

It's a new year, and we would love to have room parent(s)! Please let us know if you are interested! Just like any school or classroom, you are the masterminds behind our holidays, special events, and other things that we are not clever enough to think of! We have been beyond blessed these past two years to have room parents, and we would love to keep the involvement going. Interested? Just let us know! The more, the merrier!

Join our Facebook Group!

Join our Facebook group! It is a private group where we will post pictures and school news!


Extra Practice!!!

  • Provided by a Connections teacher:

This website gives you the opportunity to find extra practice on those skills and objectives you find challenging. I encourage you to go back and look at the results of your Quick Check, Quizzes, and Unit Tests to see the questions you missed. Reflect on those questions. Refer back to that part of the lesson. Then, go to https://www.texasgateway.org/, filter down to the objective/skill you need to practice and spend some time practicing.

This website is a valuable resource to practice TEKS for Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. Please watch this recording explaining how to filter the content to the lessons you want. https://ww3.livelesson.com/p2v5kbv4qxc/