Do Something

Women's Rights in Africa

Sexual violence and gender discrimination

Every 90 seconds, a woman dies during pregnancy/childbirth. The sad part is that theses deaths are totally preventable, but due to gender-based discrimination women are denied the proper healthcare. Women in developing and third world countries are tricked or kidnapped then sold into the sex industry. Females also make up the majority of illegally smuggled persons across country borders. 2 million females ages 5 through 15 are introduced to the sex market each year, and 142 million+ adolescent females will give birth (70,000 will die due to complications) by the year 2020 due to rape.


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Do something

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Do Something is a great international organization that specializes in recruiting teenagers and young adults for their time. They have established many branches of their organization in many different countries including African countries like Botswana, Nigeria, and the Congo. In the countries they've established an organization in, they meet particular needs. For example, Botswana has the 2nd greatest HIV rate in the world. Do Something Botswana can distribute condoms, etc. to reduce the transferring of HIV. Do Something is also providing another great thing for people around the world: education. On their website, they provide you with facts and statistics pertaining to any charity you may be passionate about.

The PSA Above

The video above is from Do Something. They're donating $25 to a woman in a developing country. Empowerment to women can help end gender discrimination.

Get involved!

There are many things you can do to be involved with Do Something. Becoming a member with them really widens your range of opportunities to help. Do Something has many, many campaigns to get involved in so there's not a reason to say no! You think you're to young to help? Wrong. Do Something is popular for getting young people (younger than 25 is their rules) involved in campaigns. Go to their site and get started now!