The Evolution of Social Media

Let's instagram this stuff.

Hey here's a definition.

So according to the all great and powerful, Wikipedia, the definition of social media is "the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks." Which is exactly the kind of definition I am going for here.


So I absolutely love technology now-a-days. I love the fact that people can stay in touch easier and how you can meet new and fun people who can become great friends. And don't forget that all of my homework answers are on that Ask Yahoo site.

Let's start with some old stuff.

Back in the day social media wasn't even a phrase people used. There wasn't a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, a local News Station, Youtube, or GOOGLE (Sidenote: Imagine a life without Google. To me there isn't one). The usage of internet didn't even come out until the mid 90's. Google didn't start until 1998. Facebook hadn't come out until 2004. Wikipedia didn't start until 2001. Before that people had to actually put effort into doing their homework and projects that needed research. Social media is everywhere and used every day by billions of people. It has evolved so fast. Since so many people use it, it has had to evolve fast.
Social Media Video 2013


To stay connected with people, people used to write letters. The postage service started in the nineteenth century, and people would constantly write to there loved ones. Then in the late nineteenth century telephones became the next big thing. And so on it went. It went from telephones to house phones to making long distance calls to cell phones. People use their cell phones everyday now. You could (and can) have your whole life on your cell phone. You can buy grocercies, make reservations to restaurants and hotels, buy clothes and plane tickets and send money, you can run a business on your phone, and file your taxes. You can make flyers on certain subjects. You can check all of your social media sites and watch a video of a cat flying through space on a poptart. Almost everything is online. You don't even need to read actual books anymore. You could get an E-Reader and buy books online and read them. Everything that you need is online. Social Media is everywhere.
Social Media

Thanks for reading my flyer!