The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordon

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Annabeth Chase: Annabeth is a half-blood girl that is the daughter of Athena, the God of Wisdom. She has gone to camp half-blood since she was seven years old and she is twelve years old now. She also has a magic baseball cap that makes her invisible when she puts it on. Annabeth is a protagonist in the story.

Percy Jackson: Percy is a half-blood boy that is the son of Poseidon, the God of the Sea. He is one of the sons of the big three, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. He also has a brother named Tyson that is a cyclops which is a monster with only one eye in the middle of his head. Tyson is also resistant to fire. Percy also has a sword named Riptide that his father gave him as a gift. Percy is a protagonist in the story.

Clarisse: Clarisse is a half-blood girl that is the daughter of Ares, the God of War, which Percy got into a fight with and won. She doesn't like Percy and neither does her brothers and sisters because he almost killed Ares. Clarisse is a bully at camp half-blood to Percy and other campers. She has a spear that was a gift from her father. She is a protagonist in the story.


The theme of this story was to show how teamwork can help rather than doing it yourself because Clarisse wanted to do the mission by herself so she could get all the credit but Percy and Annabeth didn't think that she could do it all on her own so they went without permission. At the end of the story, when they got the fleece, they let Clarisse take it to camp so she could get the credit.

Conflict and Plot

Man vs. Man Conflict: The conflict was that Grover, which is a satyr, is trapped by a giant cyclops named Polyphemus trying to find Pan the God of Nature, but Percy and Annabeth also need to get the golden fleece to save the camp from getting over flowed with monsters. First they have to save Grover and destroy Polyphemus before they can return the fleece to camp and save everyone.

Plot: Their plan to do this was to get on to the island of Polyphemus and get into the cave where Grover is trapped and save him while Clarisse sneaks outside to grab the golden fleece off the tree and defeat Polyphemus to escape.


The Golden Fleece: The golden fleece symbolized how it could save Thalia's tree from dying from poison that Luke, the son of Hermes the Messenger God, put in it. It made the tree come back to life but also showed how powerful it was when one day it made Thalia, which is the daughter of Zeus, come back to life from within the tree.

Book Recommendation

I would definitely recommend this book! I loved how it was laid out with action, mystery and suspense. It always kept me on my toes waiting for something awesome to happen. This book is great for readers that like to feel like you're in the story. It made me want want to keep reading. Now I am on the third book of the Percy Jackson series. I really recommend these books!
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