Using Croak It! & Qrafter Pro

Open Croak It! on Your iPad.

To begin recording, touch the button in the middle of the screen.

You will have 30 seconds to record. It counts down for you.

Push the same button to stop recording.

Add a title for your recording (optional). Tap Done.

Sharing screen will appear.

From here, you can email it or copy the link. Here are the email instructions.

Email screen and keyboard will appear.

Type the address of recipient and a subject. Tap Send.

Sharing Screen

Here are instructions how to copy the link and use it in Qrafter Pro. Tap Copy.

Open Qrafter Pro on your iPad.

At the bottom of the screen , you can choose Scan or Create. Choose Create. Tap URL at top left.

Touch and hold in the white space. Touch Paste. The URL should appear. Touch Create.

Tap the share button on the bottom right of screen. Choose Send by email.

Choose PNG image.

The email screen and keyboard will appear.

Type in the address of the recipient and a subject line. Touch Send.

Open your email from your computer and print out your QR codes!!