Project Mercury

First Human Spaceflight

What Was It?

Project Mercury was the mission to put man in space. To have a first ever manned spaceflight. Their objective was to put a human in space and do it faster than the Russians

When Was It?

The first human spaceflight was approved on October 7, 1958 and was completed in May 1959. Project Mercury achieved one goal and lost the battle. They achieved putting a man in space but failed do it before the Russians.

Some photos of Project Mercury

Why was Project Mercury Initiated?

The Russians were getting ahead of the US in space programs so NASA was created to have complete focus on space explorations. Many thought we should do something really big and important; So on October 7, 1958 it was officially stated that Project Mercury would take off in 1959 to put a man in space.


It ran from 1959 through 1963 with the goal of putting a human in orbit around the Earth, and doing it before the Soviet union as part of the early space race. The Mercury missions were one of the first space missions that shocked the world what America was capable of doing. All the Missions orbited the earth different amount of times, The last one orbited 22 times for a full earth day effect.
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Fun Facts

~ They had to chose seven men out of 508

~They called it Mercury because of a Roman god who was fast

~The Project was called Project astronaut but was changed by president Dwight Elsen Hower

~The cost was an estimated amount of 1.73 billion dollars

~The sixth ship orbited around the earth 22 times

~Following this program there were Gemini and Apollo missions

~First living creature in space was a chimpanzee

Rockets Ship

Many thought that this would be the hardest and it indeed was but the miracle worker Max Faget was a genius and quickly made a design for the Rocket and many professionals worked to build the machine.
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Background information

Project Mercury had 1-5 missions during the 1963-1965 time period. They were all amazing missions but project mercury the original one was the best one out of all of them


Project mercury was such a successful mission, they used much of the information for other space flights like Apollo. Project Mercury answered a big question that enabled many flights, would men function properly or would their performance change during space time activities


Project Mercury had many spaceships that went into space including, Liberty 7, Friendship 7 and Aurora 7. They all took off on different dates and different parts of the world. Project Mercury will always be remembered.