Green Careers

Charity Campaigner & Project Manager

Job Description

In this job you have to work with big companies to make sure that they are responsible for any environmental damage. You also have to meet a lot of people from chief executives of a big company, to 5 year old children.

Salary Range

$35 per hour $50,000 a year, but it really depends on what company you work for.

Environmental relationship between the environment and job

For this job you have to work with many food and drinks companies, using their expertise to help children, their families and communities learn about health, food and nutrition, and where their food comes from.


An advantage for this job is seeing the difference you can make in people’s lives, and for the planet.


A disadvantage for this job is that its hard reaching targets, setting up systems and managing the finances.

Education necessary to do the job successfully

Most people would have a degree in English Bachelors.