Notes from the Nook

Happenings and Homework -- Mrs. Noble's class -- 10/13/16

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Developing a Relationship with Da Vinci

Students are thinking on the life of the fascinating Leonardo da Vinci. Their oral narrations, our discussions, and their notes and art documenting his life help us understand why he was *the* Renaissance man.
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Final Check-Ins for the History Fair!

With Mrs. Guthmann's coaching and guidance this week, students took their note cards and sources and the rubric's guiding questions to create outlines and produce substantial progress on essays for the history fair! With all of this as a base, students should complete and fine tune the essay draft which is due on Monday, October 17th.

The final draft of the essay and the trifold board display will be due on Monday, October 24th. Please do *not* purchase a board; boards are available in the classroom.

The fair will be on the afternoon of November 3rd. Please plan to join us for this.

Upcoming field trip -- Shakespeare: Behind the Scenes at Davidson College

A big thank you goes out to Mrs. Duguid, Mrs. Larson, Mrs. Miner, and Mrs. Suprenant for gladly planning on driving and chaperoning for our trip on Monday, October 24th!

Mrs. Miner is sending further details on the outing and an opportunity for going to the show for one of their evening performances.

Please send a packed lunch with your child to take on that day even if they usually get catered lunch. Those who get pizza lunch on Mondays will get to have that on Tuesday, October 25th.

If your child must be back by 2:20, please let Mrs. Miner or me know. The group will return to the campus by about 2:40 on field trip day, but we want to accommodate those who have appointments or other inflexible time constraints that necessitate an earlier return.

The release form needed for the trip will be available in the classroom on conference day next week if needed. Mrs. Miner is sending as an attachment about the trip too.

Homework/Friday Lessons


Complete Lesson 31's Practice Set and the *ed problems from the Written Practice. Review the lesson as needed for this work on the area of rectangles.


See details above on history fair prep that should be completed by Monday.

Read through page 80 of The Second Mrs. Gioconda.