Killer Species: Ultimate Attack

By Jaryk Cole


The Characters: Emmet Doyle, Calvin Guinx, Mr. Doyle, Dr.Guinx, Yaha Guinx, Riley, Raeburn, Stuke, Liuetenent Stukacowski, and Dr. Catalyst

Setting: The Swamp, Emmet's Hous, Hospital, School.


What this book is about is a boy who has encountered a lot of strange and mysterious creatures over the past year, but in this one he's attacked by the worst creature yet. If you read the book you can find out who or what the creature is.


The main conflict in this story is the creature that Dr.Catalyst made is now going to hunt down Emmet Doyle and only Emmet Doyle. This thing won't stop until it kills Emmet Doyle. If you read the book you can find out how this mysterious battle is resolved and how the conflict is started.

Ultimate Attack

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