Physical Therapist

By: Cassi Hall

All About Physical Therapist

Do you love to help people or love to find ways to help people in pain? Then I have the job for you a physical therapist. Your responsibilities are you must be good at keeping records, know or want to help people with their bodies, good at billing, and like to help with strategies.  You get higher salaries and you can get a job anywhere. But you have to be committed to your job and can support people when they’re in pain.

What we do!

Advantages of being a Physical Therapist

  You can get a job anywhere- there is a high demand for physical therapists. There are states that pay more for physical therapists  High salaries- the average hourly wage is $35.64 an annual salary of $76,220. Most PTs that work in health professionals earn $75,760. The highest-paying is in management and consulting earned $88,260. The lowest is $75,030