A Few Notes.....

From Junior Kindergarten

Weekly Reader Fundraiser

There is a red note coming home today telling about our fundraising event for our class to continue getting our weekly readers. I just wanted to explain it a little more. All you have to do is provide ten names and the address of those individuals. Please write those names and addresses in the booklet that is being sent home. Send the booklet back to school, so your child can receive the prize of the monkey necklace and the gobstoppers. If you do not provide the ten names and addresses, your child won't be able to receive that prize. And believe me the buzz around the whole school is to be able to get those monkey necklaces! Those individuals whose name and address you provide will get a postcard asking them to buy or renew a magazine. THEY DO NOT HAVE TO BUY FOR YOUR CHILD TO RECEIVE CREDIT FOR THE PRIZE! Here are some ideas of peoples names and addresses you could provide.....yourself, grandparents, neighbors, aunts, uncles, family friends, cousins, sisters, brothers, etc. If you are short an address leave it blank and I will fill it out with my address! Again, individuals DO NOT have to buy anything!


At the beginning of the year one of the items on the supply list was disinfecting wipes. The Junior Kindergarten class has run out and I am asking if you would consider donating some more to our class. We use them a lot especially during this time of the year when there is more sickness going around. Thank you for your consideration of doing this!

Extra Clothes during these wet, sloppy months!

Please send extra clothes (especially pants and socks) with your child. When the snow is melting and it is more wet and sloppy outside, it seems that the kids are coming in from recess with their pants being wet in the knee area and their socks are wet, too. It can be uncomfortable and distracting to have to sit in wet clothes during the day. Please consider sending an extra pair of pants and a few extra pair of socks in your child's bag. The nurse DOES NOT have extra clothes for everyone.