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October 2016

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Reaching the World

I’ve just returned from our General Conference’s Annual Council Meeting held at the General Conference office in Silver Spring MD. The council convenes every year in October taking the place of our General Conference session that meets every five years. Delegates come from all over the world to vote on our fundamental beliefs, as well as decide on actions and policies that require the world churches involvement.

One of the topics of discussion that stayed with me was the Muslim community and how we are not reaching them. The committee came to the conclusion that fear is what is keeping us from bringing our message to the two billion men, women, and children of the Muslim world. We have common values and principles when it comes to lifestyle, diet and Sabbath keeping. I was shocked to discover that several Seventh-day Adventist have actually been reached by Muslims. It seems as if the Muslim community is having greater success at reaching our youth, which was particularly disturbing to me.

The subject of how to reach our young people was also a topic of discussion. This has become a very problematic issue and no easy solutions were offered.

When I pastored in the Oregon Conference one of the ways we kept the youth busy was with electronics and media ministry. We had children on cameras filming our services and running the sound boards. We had others on the praise teams and in our front row ministry. I have found that the more active you keep young adults in church the happier they will be. I believe that success with adolescent age groups comes from two other areas as well: home and school. There is nothing like a child going to an adventist institution and being influenced by teachers who are sold out for Jesus. It takes the same kind of commitment from parents at home as well; nothing less than an all in mindset is enough to raise kids in this day and age. When all three areas of church , home , and school are in spiritual alignment it shows in a young person’s life.

You have probably heard about the vote taken at the council in regards to being out of compliance with the actions and policies voted on by the General Conference either in their session or in annual council gatherings. I believe in church authority and respect it.

I’m proud that the Southern Union has chosen to follow the World Church in every policy and action vote. There will be more information to come on these developments next month.

Until then may God bless you,


Summit Grand Opening Sabbath Sep. 24th

Hispanic Ministries

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Conference Hispanic Camp Meeting is a Success

More than 1,000 church members pitched their tents at Camp Bianchi in Meridian, Miss., for the Hispanic Camp Meeting during the Labor Day weekend, September 2-4, 2016. The theme was “Mas Esperanza” — More Hope.

The campers were separated by tribes; each tribe representing a church in the Conference. Before dawn each day, a group of prayer warriors pleaded for the presence of the Holy Spirit to be in the camp, and that all would be blessed with good weather. Both prayers were answered. One thousand, three hundred fifty people registered for the weekend, and more than 1,600 attended the services on Sabbath accompanied by mild, sunny weather.

The main speaker for the weekend was Hispanic evangelist Alejandro Bullón. Bullón preached from Isaiah 53 about the sacrifice of Christ, and how His blood cleanses all. There were 44 baptized that day bringing the total number of baptisms for the summer to 257 for the Hispanic Department. In addition to the presentations and powerful messages, the Messiah’s Mansion exhibit was on display the entire weekend. The life-size replica of the Sanctuary in Moses’ day was presented with clarity and insight, shinning new light on Jesus’ place in the Sanctuary, as well as the Plan of Salvation. The children were blessed with their own version of the Sanctuary Service presented to them with about 300 children participating. On Saturday evening, there was a bonfire for the young people, and a mini concert.

On Sunday morning, after Jay Rosario, pastor, presented a worship thought, the churches participated in a fun day/olympic games. The winner with first place was the tribe of Zebulon representing the church of Foley Hispanic in Alabama. Second place was the tribe of Judah representing churches in Hattiesburg and Jackson, Miss. Third place was the tribe of Issachar representing churches in Laurel and Waynesboro, Miss.

There was so much fervor and excitement about the Word of God that weekend. The goal for the Conference is to baptize 600 souls by the end of the year, so far 445 have been baptized! Nilton Garcia, Conference Hispanic ministries director, attributes the success not to the meetings or the work of man, but the work of the Lord, and His grace toward Gulf States. God is doing amazing things in this Conference, please continue to pray that the Holy Spirit will lead the workers into greater ministry.

By Tyler Roberts

Office of the President

The President guides the work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Gulf States from its Montgomery, Alabama, headquarters. He serves on various organization boards operated by the church, and lends leadership to mission, evangelism, educational, and humanitarian strategies.