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Reese Mitsch

Reese Michael

When I think of myself I think of a very fast paced, high energy person who enjoys rigorous activities. I compare myself to a large city because there is always something going on in the city. Cars flying by, people walking, construction, A city never sleeps and that is how I see myself, always out doing something, never being able to sit down, ADHD to the max and I love every bit of it.


Since my days in middle school track has been my absolute favorite sport. I was always so full of energy and frigidity which would get me in trouble, but i could always come out to the track and let my high octane personality go wild and track was the perfect way to do that. I worked so hard to succeed in track and it paid off by finishing 10th in the state meet this past June. Track consumed me and I think it is something I will always see myself as.
Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival (HQ - 5.1 Studio )

Oldies but goodies

I consider myself kind of weird because I don't like typical college kid music like rap, pop, or hip-hop. I absolutely love 70s rock just something it makes me connect to it. Its not about stupid things like "Being in love with CoCo" or dumb things like that. It just music people can actually relate too and it something I really enjoy listening too.

Family is everything

The phrase above is the most important thing ever. Friends and lovers come and go but you only get one family. My mom and dad mean absolutely everything to me and I wouldn't be where i am today without them. The other picture is of me and my step brother Chris cousin Sam and best friend Phil. It really is hard to find friends these days that you can grow so close with even while being 3 hours away at college.
Evolution of Dance
Because who doesn't love to laugh and dance?