ENSC Weekly Notes

August 4, 2014


Summer break has come to an end and I am hoping you all had an opportunity to enjoy your summer. Our building custodians and the maintenance department have been working hard all summer cleaning and completing summer projects to ensure the buildings are ready for students.

As you may have experienced, the technology department has made some major changes to the network, set up new 5th and 9th grade computers, and completed other tech projects so that you and the students have smooth use of the internet and technology services.

We do have a few parents/grandparents who just discovered: 1) we begin school this week, and 2) we have a one week fall break and a two week spring break. It will be helpful that reminders are provided to students and families throughout the year.

Last Thursday, I helped with the Kindergarten Health Screening, sponsored by the Kendallville Lions. What a great evening talking with so many proud parents and eager 5-6 year olds ready to begin school. What was equally fun was listening to their older siblings and their excitement to return to school. OK, perhaps not all of the older siblings were ready.

I am excited to begin the 2014-2015 school year and I hope you are too!

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Middle School Update

As you may know, a petition was filed for the middle school/high school project to go to the voters for a November vote. This process is officially called a Referendum. When a district is going through a referendum, there are rules we must follow. You each received a letter outlining those rules. Most importantly is a staff member may not initiate a conversation about the projects DURING work hours and may not use school equipment or school email to promote the project. If someone asks you questions during school hours, such as Back to School Night or Parent Teacher Conferences, you may answer with factual information, but you may not try to persuade them to vote for or against the project. If you are answering a "why" question, you are most likely entering the persuasion arena.

Of critical importance to the success of these projects is helping voters understand the question on the ballot! A shortened version of the question is this:

Shall East Noble increase taxes to build a middle school and complete mechanical projects at the high school.

To the uninformed, it would appear we are increasing taxes above what we currently collect. The truth is....we are increasing taxes from zero! By the time we begin repayment on the bonds for these projects, we will be nearly debt free! With these projects, ENSC annual debt will go from $5 million per year to about $3.5 million per year.

The most important educating we can do right now is help voters understand the question on the ballot!!!

Meeting for Special Education Staff

Directly following the all staff meeting on Tuesday, I will be meeting with all special education staff in the auditorium. This includes teachers as well as instructional assistants. I will try to keep this meeting brief so that everyone is able to return to their building meetings in a timely manner.

Great Year Ahead

I look forward to a new and exciting school year with each of you.

Welcome back to school!