Thursday Exchange

October 6, 2016

Life School Red Oak

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Calendar of Events

October 7: End of 1st 9 Weeks
October 10: No School/Fair Day
October 11: Start of 2nd 9 Weeks/ Big Kahuna Delivery
October 13: Panda Express Night
October 14: $3 Free Dress Day
October 19: Early Release @ 11:55 / Parent Teacher Conferences
October 20: Fall Picture retakes

From the Principal:

Tomorrow marks the end of the 1st nine weeks of school! Time is really flying fast at LSRO! Students will receive their report cards next Friday, October 14. Please look for this report in your child's folder on that day.

Next week, we will have several days of Common Formative Assessments in grade levels 2-6. These assessments will test our students over objectives they have been taught during this first nine weeks of school. Please look for the results of these assessments to come home in the next couple of weeks.

Let's work together to make this October a great month at LSRO!

Coming Soon---Parent/Teacher Conferences

Coming up on Wednesday, October 19, we will have an afternoon of Parent/Teacher Conferences. This year, your child's teacher will be contacting about 6-8 parents from his/her class to meet with on this day. Unfortunately, we will not be able to meet with every parent on this day, due to time constraints. If you do not get a call for a conference, and you would like to meet with your child's teacher on a different day, just give him/her a call or send an email. We look forward to meeting with you soon!

Counselor's Corner

October is National Bullying Prevention month. Talk to your children about how to ask adults for help when they are having problems with peers, whether it is bullying or just normal peer conflicts. Also, help build your children’s self-esteem by helping them notice areas where they excel. Children with good self-esteem are much less likely to be victims of bullying.

Don't Forget!

  • It is very important that you have your hang tag hanging from your mirror and student card visible each and every time you are picking up students.
  • All visitors will be required to submit a driver's license/ state id and have it scanned in order to be admitted into our campus. Please be prepared for this when you come to the office to check in.
  • Parents please do not drop your students off until our doors open at 7:25am.

From Our Specials Teachers:

Art: Looking for a fun free family activity? General Admission to the Dallas Museum of Art is FREE! Schedule your visit today!

PE: Please don't forget to order your baseball hoodies, t-shirts or thermals. Orders with money is due next Friday, October 13th. Please contact Coach Stinedurf at the elementary, Coach Askew at the middle school, and Coach Robinson at the high school if you would like to order a hoodie, t-shirt, or thermal. Flyers were sent home last week with Thursday Exchange. Thank you Coach Stinedurf

Teacher and Staff Members for the months of August and September:

Mr. Caleb Riemer was our August Teacher of the month. We are so proud to have Mr. Riemer serving our kindergarten students. He has already set great routines and structures for his students, by modeling leadership and character. Mr. Riemer’s teammates have wonderful things to say about him! They describe him as a fair, fun, patient, and motivated teacher and person. He works to create innovative and creative math activities for the kindergarten students. He allows his students to discover their own learning through hands-on activities. He is truly a team player and goes above and beyond daily.

Mrs. Yvonne Horton was our August staff member of the month. Mrs. Horton has been with Life School Red Oak for five years. She started off with us as a Kindergarten aide and proved herself to be an invaluable member of the team. Two years ago she moved to the front office as administrative support and has greeted parents, students and visitors to LSRO with her beautiful smile and contagious positive attitude. Mrs. Horton is the mother of two children, William and Isabelle. In her spare time she enjoys running, cooking and spending time with her family.

Mrs. Whicker is our September teacher of the month. Mrs. Whicker is one of our outstanding 3rd grade teachers. She works hard for her team and students. Mrs. Whicker’s team members say she takes initiative and gets the job done fast. She is always positive, and encourages others. They appreciate how she helps her team and is very organized. She is a wonderful reading and ELA teacher. Mrs. Whicker is married with twin boys, Crew and Cannon.

Mrs. Jennifer Bueno was our September staff member of the month. We are excited this year to have Mrs. Bueno join our LSRO team as a staff member. She has stepped into the PIEMS coordinator position. For the last four years she has been a part of the LSRO family as a mother of two, to Joshua and Juliana, but has also served our parents, staff, and students as a part of the PTO. In her spare time Mrs. Bueno loves to travel and works as a Disney travel agent.

From Our Nurse:

With flu season around the corner, the nurse is in need of Lysol wipes… Thank you for all the donations to promote a healthy school year…

Wendy Santos