Giving Back to The Community

By: Connor Surges

Ways To Give Back

This website has a list of ways people can give back to their community.

Giving Back, Why is It Important

This is a website that goes over why giving back to the community is important. It also goes and tells some ways that you can go about giving back.

Giving back to the community is a good thing because it not only helps the people of the community, rather it can also help the person giving back feel better about themselves.

Ways to Give Back

  • helping rebuild houses after a disaster, such as a tornado, earth quake, or hurricane
  • Giving food to food drives
  • volunteering at food places for the needy and homeless such as Day Break in Joliet
  • picking up trash and not littering

Organizations in Joliet

Org. : Operation Care Package


To provide support through care packages and letters to those serving in our Military, Veterans, and their families.

Org. :

The Peter Claver Center (PCC)

Mission: Host food and toy drives for the less fortunate during the holiday seasons.

Make An Impact - Inspirational Video
This video talks about how in the end all that matters is how people remember you, and the impact that you had on the people around you. In order to have that impact on people you cannot just live life with the mind set of "everyone else can go shove it" and only think about what is right for you. Rather...You have to think about it as "what can I do for the world." Not "what can the world do for me"