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Thomas Dupuy, Editor-in-Chief

What if the coal was mining us - Coal Workers Exposé

Philadelphia, PA - Do you ever think of the people who work the mines to keep your fire going. Do you ever think of the children who give up their education and half of their lungs to give you comfort. The conditions in which miners work are not well known to the public and those who know ignore it.

Many coal workers are children of poor families obligated to work because their parents can not make enough money to take care of the hole family. Because the miners work in the mines from early morning to late at night they've had to give up on the benefits of school or the joy of playing outside, not even pure air.

The workers will die young because even if they get lucky enough not to be crushed by the roof falling on top of their head or getting hit by an explosion, the thick coal dust they have to breath will blacken their lungs until they can breath no more.

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Teddy Taking out the Trusts

At the beginning of the Progressive era trusts and monopolies had as much if not more power then the government because they controlled the economy. This political cartoon illustrates President Theodore Roosevelt taking control and reducing the power of trusts.

The Tampico incident

Port of Tampico, Mexico- Mexican soldiers wrongfully arrested 9 USS crew members who were only stopped in the port of Tampico to rest and gather supplies. Mexicans refused to formally apologize for their act and denied the request of U.S. Admiral Henry Mayo for them to give the American flag a 21-gun salute. For there insolence Mexico should not be trusted and something must be done to prevent them form humiliating the United Stats of America.

Freedom Diet

This WWI propaganda was made by the government to encourage Americans to eat less and wast the list they could because they needed all the food they can get to give to the soldiers over seas. The government made many slogans like "food can win the war" hoping that they would spread the awareness of the Americans.


FOR SALE - Remington Typewriter Model 1892 now on the market. Beginning at $25. 175 Monroe St., Chicago, IL.

WANTED - Switchboard operator for telephone services. Average $10/h.

SERVICES - Mayor Samuel "Golden Rule" Jones opened free kindergartens in Toledo, OH. Improve conditions for the working class of this community.

WANTED - Public food conversation during "wheatless Wednesday " and "meatless Mondays." Brought to you by the National Food Administration.

SERVICES - All capable men between the ages of 21-30 are required by the Selective Service Act to register for the draft.

FOR SALE - "America's most famous dessert", Jell-O, is back with it's delicious 7 flavors. 10 cents a package in a grocery store near you.

WWI propaganda


ATLANTIC OCEAN- The RMS Lusitania was sunken, about 10 miles south of the Irish cost, by the torpedo of a Deutsch U-boat. this tragedy caused the the death of 1,198 people, 128 of them being Americans. But the U-boat did have his reasons to attack because although the British ship did not look like a naval vessel it was transporting ammo which technically made it one.

A film legend in the gold rush

Well known silent film star Charlie Chaplin
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Benny Leonard finally world lightweight champion?

Manhattan, New York City - After challenging Freddie Welsh twice, the first time with no designation and the second with a win by Welsh, professional boxer Benny Leonard wanted an other chance. As they say "third time's a charm" because Leonard finally steals the title, flooring the former champion on the ninth round, making him the lightweight champion of the world.



North Carolina (NC)

Capital: Raleigh

Nickname: "The Tar Heel State"

Between the Gilded age and late 19's tobacco was in high demand and North Carolina was in charge of meeting the needs of the Americans.


Texas (TX)

Capital: Austin

Nickname: "The Lone Star State"

During the Progressive era oil was a very demanded resource and Texas was the state to go to if you wanted to make an oil company.

World War I

Vermont (VT)

Capital: Montpelier

Nickname: "The Green Mountain State"

After WWI Vermont's granite was used to make tombstones for the soldiers who died in battle. Most of the granite used to make the 400,000 plus tombstones in Arlington National Cemetery comes from Vermont.

THE 1920S

New Jersey (NJ)

Capital: Trenton

Nickname: "The Garden State"

Even though New Jersey was one of the first stat to agree to the 18th Amendment (Prohibition) it wasn't really enforced. Because the people in New Jersey were already smuggling alcohol, when it was repealed by the 21st Amendment most breweries reopened almost immediately