Bridges Community School

November 2018

Mark Your Calendars:

Oct. 26 - North Mankato Taylor Library (3rd Grade)

Oct. 29 - Stuff A Truck Donations Begin

Oct. 29 - BAC Exec Meeting 6:00PM

Nov. 2 - No School/Teacher Prep Day

Nov. 5 - Minnesota Timberwolves Read to Achieve Challenge Begins

Nov. 8 - Minnesota Landscape Arboretum (3rd Grade)

Nov. 8 - Parent/Teacher Conferences and Book Fair 3:30-8:30

Nov. 12 - BAC Meeting 6:00pm (Bridges Media Center)

Nov. 13 - Two Hour Late Start

Nov. 13 - Parent/Teacher Conferences and Book Fair 3:30-8:30

Nov. 15 - Last Day for Stuff-A-Truck Donations

Nov. 15 - Parent/Teacher Conferences and Book Fair 3:30-7:30

Nov. 16 - North Mankato Taylor Library (3rd Grade)

Nov. 19 - Read and Feed

Nov. 19 - Winter Weather Safety (3rd Grade)

Nov. 20-Nov. 23 - No School / Thanksgiving Break

Nov. 28 - Guthrie/A Christmas Carol (5th Grade)

Nov. 30 - Bridges Movie Night

Dec. 2 - Minnesota Timberwolves Read to Achieve Challenge Ends

Dec. 11 - Two Hour Late Start

Fall Conferences and Book Fair

Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held on the following dates/times:

Thursday, November 8th 3:30pm-8:30pm

Tuesday, November 13th 3:30pm-8:30pm

Thursday, November 15th 3:30pm-7:30pm

You can sign sign up for conferences by clicking here.

Or, you can go to to sign up for a conference time with your child's teacher.

*Please only sign up for one conference time per student/family.

Bridges Book Fair

The Book Fair will be held in the Gymnasium on the stage during conference hours. The Book Fair will close at 7:00pm on Thursday, November 15th. Please stop by and visit the Book Fair!

Photo Opportunities

Classroom events and Being There Experiences are great photo opportunities. Please be aware that not all of our families wish to have their child photographed and posted to personal media sites. Please do not take pictures of class lists or student work that may be displayed in the hallway with student names for the purpose of posting to a personal media site. All of our families have approved pictures for year book opportunities. Thank you.

Dress for the Weather

Students must be dressed appropriately for school and the weather. When boot season begins, students must have a second pair of shoes at school. If there is snow on the ground, students must have snow boots, snow pants, a winter coat, a hat and gloves for recess time.

Rain Days and Below Zero Days

Students should enter Door 2 on rainy days and below zero days in the morning between 7:45-8:00. They can go to the auditorium where they will have staff supervision until it is time for school to begin. The main entrance, Door 1, will be opened at 8:00a.m.

Students will remain in their rooms on rainy days and below zero days until 2:40 pick up. Parents should pick up their children in their classrooms at the end of the day. Bus students will be excused when buses arrive and ACES will be excused at 2:40.

Students will have indoor breaks and recess on rainy days and below zero days.

Winter Information

Snow and flu season is just around the corner. In preparation, two important resources are available on the ISD77 website for your review.

Flu Information for Families - provides influenza information

Weather Related Information - includes details on where to find out about weather related closings and late starts


Participate in Stuff-A-Truck 2018. Receive a ticket for every item you bring in for the area food shelf. Win a chance for a special prize. One ticket for every box, can or package you bring in.

The class with the most tickets wins a traveling trophy for their class.

Let's have fun filling the Mankato Area Food Shelf!

Contest begins Monday, October 29th and ends Thursday, November 15th.

This is our first community service project of the year.

Suggested items:

Canned vegetables, shampoo, baby formula and food, pasta, cereal, laundry detergent, baking supplies, cleaning supplies, peanut butter, non perishables.

Minnesota Timberwolves Read to Achieve Challenge

Bridges students are participating in the Minnesota Timberwolves Read to Achieve challenge. Students that read 500 minutes or more between November 5th and

December 2nd will be rewarded with a Timberwolves prize package.

More information will be sent home in the Tuesday folder on October 30th.

From the School Counselor, Mrs. Olivo

This month the focus in my classroom lessons has been respect and diversity (that all people have value and matter). In each class we have discussed that as people we are the same and different (how we look, things we like and don't like, where we live, who is in our family and what we can do), and that we all deserve to be respected.

In Kindergarten, we were able to create self-portraits that showed what makes us unique. In First Grade, we illustrated pages to our own class book that shows how we are similar to and different from each other. In Second Grade, we drew pictures to show that how our differences can make us better together. Third Grade classes used critical thinking skills to decipher if situations are respectful or disrespectful. In Fourth Grade, we watched The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss and committed to at least one way we can respect others. Finally, in our Fifth Grade class we showed appreciation for classmates that are different from us by complimenting each of our classmates.

As a reminder for parents, I work at Bridges on Mondays, Wednesdays and every other Friday. If you need to contact me, please either email me at or call me at my Bridges office at 507-207-5238. Thanks! Annika Olivo

Late Start Days:

Children must be registered in the office to attend late start days. All students must be be checked in at the lunchroom by a parent at 8:00 am on late start days. Door #2 off the playground will be open at 8:00. Children not registered for childcare should be dropped off between 9:45 and 10:00. Late start days are Nov. 13, Dec. 11, Jan. 8, Feb. 12, Mar. 12, Apr. 9 and May 14. *Children cannot be dropped off without supervision.

Illness and Attendance:

If your child has had a fever or has been vomiting, we ask that you keep them home 24 hours after symptoms are gone without medication. Please call the school office attendance line: 207-5204 if your child is ill or has a doctor's appointment and will be in after. Please contact the school office if your child will be out of school or late for any reason. If you let your child’s teacher know through email, please email Tammy Hayes as well at

Head Lice: Please report so the office is aware of it. District Policy states parents are notified if three cases are in one classroom. A request to treat is made by the school nurse. Parents are not mandated to pull their child from school for treatment but it will be advised.


Parents are welcome to eat lunch at any time. Please let the office know by 9:00a.m. on the day that you plan to eat. Lunch for parents and visitors is $3.75. We do not have any cash in the office so please bring correct change. Parents and siblings may not use student pin numbers.

School lunch times:

Kindergarten - Lunch 11:00-11:20 Recess - 11:20-11:40

First Grade - Lunch 11:30-11:50 Recess - 11:50-12:10

Second Grade - Lunch 11:15-11:35 Recess - 11:35-11:55

Third Grade - Lunch 11:45-12:05 Recess - 12:05-12:25

Fourth Grade - Recess 11:40-12:00 Lunch - 12:00-12:20

Fifth Grade - Recess 11:50-12:10 Lunch - 12:10-12:30

Bridges Community School

320 Garfield Avenue, North Mankato

Phone: 507-387-2800 / Fax: 507-387-3143

Lead Teacher: Robin Courrier

Secretary: Amanda Robinson

Nurse: Tammy Hayes