AMND Act 2, Scene 2, Lines 41-91

By: Gina, Grace, Amanda, and Maddie D.


Lysander and Hermia are in love with each other and run away into the forest with plans to get married.. While they are asleep one night, Puck (a fairy) sprinkles flower dust on Lysander instead of Demetrius. (Not in this scene) When Lysander wakes up, he will see Helena first and fall madly in love with her.


The most important quote from the scene is, "Thy love ne'er alter till thy sweet life end." (AMND Act 2, Scene 2, Line 67) This quote means "Don't let your love change until your life is over." This quote is important because it is so ironic that Hermia says it right before he changes to loving Helena.


HERMIA: She is a daughter that is being forced to marry Demetrius, but she loves Lysander. She is one of the main characters because over half of the dialogue in the scene is between her and Lysander. Hermia is trying to convince Lysander, who is trying to woe her, to sleep a good distance away from her rather than right beside her. Hermia's hardheadedness is convincing Lysander to move away from her because she is persistent with her answers.

LYSANDER: Lysander is very much in love with Hermia, but knows that she is playing hard to get. He is one of the main characters, because he is in most of this scene; a huge piece of it, anyways. One conflict that Lysander is facing is that Hermia won't express that she is in love with him and tells him to 'keep away'. His arrogance, though, is pushing her back, as he is very sure of himself.

PUCK: Puck is important to the play because he adds more conflict to the scene. He accidentally makes Lysander fall in love with Helena instead of Hermia. Clumsiness is the character trait that is affecting the scene.

HELENA: She is a friend of Hermia. She is in love with Demetrius, but he is not in love with her. He is in love with Hermia, and Hermia doesn't love Demetrius. One conflict that she faces is that she is desperate for the love of him, but doesn't receive what she hoped for. The character trait that is affecting the scene is her hopefulness.

DEMETRIUS: He is in love with, Hermia, but she does not love him back as she is in love with Lysander. Demetrius is significant, because if not for him, we wouldn't have this huge conflict between the two girls. Helena wouldn't be in love with him and Hermia wouldn't have to run away just to be away from him. One conflict he faces, as said before, that Helena is madly in love with him, though he does not love her back. His stubbornness affects the scene by pushing Helena away.