Johnny Depp

Drew Shapiro

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Johnny was born in Owensboro, Kentucky. His mom was a waitress in a small coffee shop and his dad was a city engineer. He has three siblings, two sisters, Debbie and Christie and a brother, Danny. Johnny had a strong relationship with his grandfather, he has said that he was nearly inseparable from him, so when he passed away, Johnny was heartbroken. After his grandfathers passing, the Depps moved around a lot, he claims to remember living in as many of 20 houses by the time he was fifteen, Getting older, Johnny's interests focused strongly on music, but that only lasted until he discovered his love for acting.
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  • School- he has about eight credits his third year of high school and was "bored out of his mind"
  • He would hang out with the "bad crowd"
  • He would be teased by his teachers
  • "Tried just about any kind of drug there was" by the age of 14
  • Right when he started to realize he was getting nowhere fast with his life, his parents announced their divorce.

Overcoming Obstacles

  • Johnnys brother Danny lent him a copy of the book "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac. Johnny said that this book changed his whole life, it made him begin to dream of having a better life.
  • He began reading more books. The books and authors of the books were the "teachers and the proper motivation for himself"
  • his high school counselor called him into his office and said "you know Johnny, I just don't think high school is for you" Sure enough, Johnny dropped out of school and began living his life.
  • He started a band and got married to a girl named Lori who he soon divorced.
  • Still being on god terms, Lori recognized Johnny's talent and introduced him to her good friend Nicholas Cage. This was the start of Johnny's career as an actor.
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  • Has preformed in at least 44 movies in various genres such as horror, disney, comedy, suspense, and action.
  • Brings the characters to life no matter how hard the role.
  • Nominated for 3 academy awards
  • Nominated for 8 Golden Globes, Won 1
  • Nominated for 4 Kids Choice awards, won 3
  • Nominated for 3 MTV movie awards, won 4
  • Nominated for 3 Peoples choice awards, won 8
  • Nominated for 5 Teen Choice awards, won 5
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