4H is Having a Holly Jolly December

Holiday Projects for 4H!

4H is learning about all different holidays in the foreign countries and eating delicious snacks at the same time! Banana chips for Carnival in Puerto Rico and traditional Scottish shortbread for the Highland Games in Scotland, just to name a few.

Fun Field Trip to the Philadelphia Museum of History!

At the museum of Philadelphia history we learned all about how immigrants came to america. Some came from Germany, Scotland, England, Ireland, and Italy and they all settled along the Delaware River. They came here to Philadelphia for better jobs,more money, a better education, healthcare, and to get away from war.

Boxes and Bullets for 4H

4H is learning how to persuade in writing using different ways than usual. BOXES AND BULLETS! With the thesis statement in the box and the supporting evidence in the bullets, 4H is creating awesome essays.

4H is Yammering for Owls

After reading the cute but sad story about Yammer the owl and finding out that Yammer leaves, 4H decided to make some wanted owl posters to look for Yammer the owl.Some people offered up to $222,222,222,222,222,222,222,222,222,222,222 dollars as a reward of finding Yammer.