Help Suspend Police Militarization

Help end the fear/violence brought by Police Militarization

Police Militarization

The militarization of police has lead to many outbreaks of fear and violence during peaceful protests and has even been a factor causing recent peaceful protests to turn into riots.

Major Issues with Police Militarization

With police forces adopting military grade equipment and military tactics, the wave of issues has arisen from new tactics, however, the most recent issues are:

  • Police are using Military grade arsenal on minor operations
  • Police forces are physically similar to military attire.
  • Police forces have rapidly increased amount/condition of equipment obtained than in previous years.
  • Programs supporting police militarization have increased rapidly as well.
  • Leading officials are beginning to view police militarization as lethal.

Police Forces and the use of Lethal Quipment

Types of Arsenal/Equipment

Police Militarization has brought a range of heavy arsenal and equipment into the hands of police forces, however the mots popular of the variety are:

  • High powered Assault rifles (5.56mm or higher)
  • Aircraft
  • MRAP's (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected-Vehicle)
  • Grenade Launchers
  • And a wide variety of Body Armor

Realistic Call to Action

To assist with the suspension of police militarization, many organizations are trying to put an end to programs supporting the growth of (such as the 1033 program) through petitions leading to civil court cases being held against local police forces.
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