The Purposes of Government

To form a more perfect union

The government has taken many steps to make America a better place, such as allowing freedoms, giving people more rights, and letting people elect their leaders. There have been many other things that the government allowed us to do, such as immigrate to the U.S, leave whenever we want, and develop strong policies to keep the population safe. I believe that this falls under the Judicial Branch.

Establish Justice

The American court system is the fairest one in the world, meaning that anyone and everyone has a chance of winning a case. Many people think that they have an unfair judge or are being unfairly charged with a crime, but this can never happen. I think this falls under the Judicial Branch.

Insure Domestic Tranquility

The government always has to keep peace at home, so that it can manage international affairs more easily. If the people are revolting, then the government has to deal with that first before it can deal with other countries. This falls under the Judicial Branch.

Provide For The Common Defense

The government should always have some funding set aside to create a strong military to defend the country, and so it can win wars with other countries. This part of the Constitution falls under the Legislative Branch.

Promote The General Welfare

The government has created many programs to help the country be more healthy and more wealthy. There are welfare checks for when people do not have enough money on their own, and Obamacare, which is Barack Obama's new health care program, is free to everyone. This falls under the Executive Branch.

Secure The Blessings Of Liberty

All people want freedom. They will choose freedom and liberty over oppression as soon as they get the chance. No one will want to live in a country like North Korea, where the people are treated like slaves. People want countries like America. They can be free to do what they like. This falls under the Legislative Branch.

The Government's Grade.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I think the current government would be around a 7.5 because there are more stable governments, but there are also many governments that are less wealthy and less stable.