Battle of Salamis


Athenian Navy

Themistocles has come up with a plan to win our next battle against the Persians. He has told our army that in order to win we must trick the Persians to go down the narrow water channel and trap the Persians. We will act like we are retreating farther into the channel but we are really just setting them up. We will then ram into them with our wooden rams on both sides and trap them so they can't escape. This plan would result in us winning, hopefully. Once this plan goes into play, the Persians will hopefully leave us alone.

King Xerxes

They are finally retreating. We are sending our ships out to demolish and capture them for good. Soon, I WILL RULE ALL OF EUROPE!!!!!

Wait, those aren't OUR ships coming in behind us. Those are the Greeks! Oh no, ITS A TRAP!! They are now coming at us at full force and they has these wooden things at the front of their boats coming closer and closer by the second. We don't have much time left now, we should probably try to escape the torturous Greeks. Even though the Greeks might beat us in the battle to the death, we will definitely win the next one because the Persian Empire will ALWAYS be more powerful than the puny Greeks.