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Park Street Mission and Vision

As part of the new School Improvement Plan roll out, we met as an SGT and Leadership team to develop a mission and vision statement for Park Street. Below are the new Mission and Vision that were developed by both teams, and attached is our School Improvement Plan.

Park Street Mission:

We Learn. We Grow. We Thrive.

Park Street Vision:

Our vision is to provide a collaborative foundation for successful learning and living through:

P- Positive Experiences

S- Supporting all students

E- Engaging with the community and creating

S- Students of excellence


Week at a Glance

Jeans ALL week


  • Super Specials


  • Holiday Luncheon
  • 3rd Grade in-house field trip


  • Last day


  • Off

Focus for second semester

During second semester our PLC focus will be:

  • Deconstructing standards

  • Talk about how we are going to teach the standard(s)

  • Discuss any misconceptions students might have (prior to and after teaching the unit)

  • Start identifying and looking for things that are components of lessons that are NOT tied to standards or are NOT meaningful

  • Plan what manipulatives, anchor charts, and small group activities will be utilized to teach the standard and unit



Grade level/ Team Supply requests

We will be completing another supply order second semester. As a grade level/team, please create a list of items you need and submit one list to Ivonne after we return from Winter break.

Coaches Corner

From Heather Welch:


ThingLink Education allows you to use interactive images as a new visual learning platform. You can create interactive lesson plans, calendars, and study books. Teachers can sign up students with a quick list import, arrange images into channels or projects, and use our mobile app for adding notes to images on field trips. The creative possibilities are endless!

Thinglink Examples:Butterfly Life Cycle

Student work in Thinglink

5 Ways to Use Thinglink

More Ways to Use Thinglink

From Devon

Big picture

PD for Second Semester

Below is a list of the PD scheduled for the remainder of the year. Please keep in mind there may be other PD scheduled by Central Office. January is HEAVY with PD. I apologize for this, we are going to try and minimize extra meetings and times you are pulled to help off-set the extra PD.

  • January 2nd- 1/2 day RUOS PD K-2 & 1/2 day RUOS PD 3-5
  • January 24th- iReady Training 2 (How to interpret diagnostic assessments and use materials in your classroom) 3-5 8:30-11:30 and K-2 12:00-3:00
  • January 28th- 3-5 RUOS (8:30-10:30, 10:45-12:45, 1:30-3:30)
  • January 30th- K-2 RUOS (8:30-10:30, 10:45-12:45, 1:30-3:30)

  • February 27th- Math in Practice PD with Ms. Robinson (Planning time)

  • March 11th- Local School PD day (free day to plan and work in your rooms)



Mayor's Award

Come out and help us celebrate, cheer on, and honor this year's Mayor's Award recipients. The award ceremony will be held at The Strand Theater on December 18th at 6:30pm.

Be Somebody Award: Elizabeth Martinez

Blue Devil Award: Julian Castro

Volunteer: David Eldridge- Stone Bridge Church Pastor

Reflections Contest Winners...

Two of our very own Park Street Kindergarten students have won 2nd and 3rd place in the State Reflections competition. Congratulations to Kevin Bravo (2nd Place) and Marcelo Rodriguez (3rd Place)

Staff Holiday Party

12/19 in Dr. Caldwell's Office during lunch times

We will also be having an Ugly Holiday Sweater contest (school appropriate please)

Lunch will be Italian themed with various pastas, salads, and desserts from Olive Garden.

Smoothie King Partnership

We have a new business partnership with the new Smoothie King on Cobb Parkway. Show your Marietta City badge and you can get 10% off of any purchase.

Staff Shout Outs..

1. Marlyn Thomas

Thanks for always saying "YES" to the few times I've been out for Before School. You have been a great back-up to me.

2. Joanna Cox and Amanda Cobb

Thank you for your help last week! Crossing fingers for this grant!

3. Rebecka Kern and PTA

Kudos for a successful Pajama dance party! It was lots of fun!

4. Tamille Wilson - STEM

Cheers to a successful Hour of Code week! The kids loved it!

5. Nurse Nicole

For kindly and gently taking care of our students. Always ensuring they feel safe and loved when they're in her presence.

6. Ms. Preece

Your "Communicate Bill of Rights" is amazing. Ensuring and validating that ALL our students have a voice. It's their right!

7. Kristi Plunkett

You show your students more love in 8 hours than many see in a lifetime! We could all learn from you. ❤️

8. Ms.Varner

Always keeping everyone up and running! Never slowing down! Amazing!

9. Spelling Bee Committe - Ms. Olusegun, Mrs. Owens, Mrs, Tichenor, Ms. Welch and Mr. Johnson

Thank you so much for making the Spelling Bee a wonderful event for our 4th and 5th grade students

10. Mr. "Johnny on the Spot" Johnson

Thank you so much Mr. "J- Tech" Johnson for videotaping (via iPad) this year's Spelling Bee. We really appreciate you helping us out at the last minute!

11. Coach Terrell and Ms. Dixon

A student got sick just before the Spelling Bee and Coach T and Ms. Dixon helped to make sure we were able to proceed with the Bee with no problem. (We did not have any custodians in the building at the time). Thank you so much for being problem solvers!!!! We really appreciate you!!!!

12. Mrs. Tichenor

Mrs. Tichenor, thank you for allowing us to use your tablet during the Spelling Bee for audio recording. It really came in handy!

13. Mr. Orr

Thank you for making sure the stage was set-up for our Spelling Bee!!!! We appreciate you!

14. Linda Skaggs

Ms. Skaggs, for helping with sub plans and getting what was needed during my absence. Thanks for caring and going the extra mile!

15. Patricia Morten

Ms. Morten, for always pitching in to help.

16. Stephanie Sims

Ms. Sims always goes above and beyond. She takes initiative and really cares for our students' progress.

17. Diona McIntire

Ms. McIntire, thank you for super specials and for valuing our time!

18. Ms. Bagwell

Ms. Bagwell, thank you for always being positive and sharing a smile.

19. Heather Welch

Ms. Welch, thanks for all your support and communication during Phonics assessments! You are always trying to help in some way or another, thank you!

20. Ms. Mosley

Thank you for all you did to organize the Spelling Bee!