3rd Six Week project

Brayden King

point of view

  • first person point of view uses i me my and other first person pronouns to relate the thoughts of a narrator
  • third person point of view is a form of story telling when a narrator relates all action in third person using third person pronouns such as he or she

influence of setting and plot

  • smell:when you smell something
  • taste:when you taste something
  • sight:when you see something
  • hear:when you hear something
  • touch:when you feel something

types of narratives

  • science fiction is fiction based on imagination science or technological advances
  • fantasy a story about made up characters
  • mystery someone tries to solve a crime
  • time travel when someone travel back to another time period

brainstorming graphic organizer

a graphic organizer builds writing projects

revising and editing

  • rainbow editing is a type of revising and editing we use to help us improve our writing
  • read text out loud to see what you missed