The Island on Bird Street

Author: Uri Orlev

Grace Bratcher


Three references to real events in history that occur in my novel include, (pg. 8) "In our house in the ghetto, before the transports began." ,(pg. 31) "Suddenly there was an air-raid alert.",and (pg.2) "In the end we began to believe that she had been transported to Germany.".I know that these are all references to history because in World War 2 these all happened there were ghettos, air-raids, and transports to Germany.


The main character is a young Jewish boy who is very persistent and will do any thing for family. Alex is very intelligent and he has great survival skills, he can also be very persuasive and win the hearts of several people.


My opinion on this book is that it had some very exciting parts of the book which made you not want to put it down but other times it got so boring I didn't even want to read it. I would recommend this book because it is very exciting and informational.


The time period was in the time period of World War Two.

The setting was in the Ghetto C.


One of the major problems in the book that Alex faced was to survive and stay hidden.This problem was resolved by Alex finding a house no one but himself could get into and only going out when he absolutely needed to. He managed to survive by finding someone who would give him food whenever he needed it.


Some of the quotes that impacted me were "Even if they had payed me, I wouldn't have stayed there without father.'',''Since the day mother didn't come back, I'd started to think that she was my lucky charm'',and ''Even if it took a whole month. Even if it took a whole year.''. These quotes impacted me because it shows how he will do anything for family no matter how long it takes.