Haitian Chocolate

By: Ruby Lopez

Haitian Revolution Summary

The Haitian Revolution started in April, 1791 and is said to be ended in November 1803. There was 500,000 slaves, 32,000 whites, and 28,000 free blacks. The population of Saint-Domingue mainly consisted of black slaves so the decided to rise up. The black slaves began their rebellion and had victory over it. The state known as Saint-Domingue is now known as Haiti.

Recipe for Haitian Chocolate

- 3/4 cups of BLACK SLAVES


- 1/4 cup of SOLIDERS

- 1/2 tbsp of Undecided French Soliders

- 4/4 pints of WEAPONS

- 8/12 cups of Saint Domingue

- 4 full cups of VICTORY