Meriwether Lewis and William Clark back from 3 year journey

About a Long Journey

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark just cam back from there amazing 2 year journey to find out about the Northwest Territory. They said That there was some ups and downs but what they found was spectacular. They found and got help from the natives of the land. They found rare plants, animals, and different cultural experiences. On the way Through the Northwest They couldn't understand the land or some of the natives. A french Trader Toussaint Charbonneau brought the party their future interpreter: his wife Sacagawea, or "bird Women".


Sacagawea is only about 16 years old and she is a great traveler. She was keeping a good pace with the expedition while carrying her newborn son Jean Baptiste in a sling on her back. She is a very brave young girl and Lewis and Clark said they couldn't have made the whole trip without her help.

By Julia Komsa