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Week of October 17th- Ms. Postema and Mrs. Blankenship

Congratulations to Kayden C! She is the grade level winner of the Promise of Gwinnett Writing Contest!

Curriculum Update

Reading- The students will begin a unit on non-fiction works. All students will need to select a non-fiction topic to use as a reading focus for this unit. Media Center time will be provided, however, some students may wish to locate reading material outside of school. I will preview all topics for a project that will be due in December.

Grammar- We will review conjunctions, interjections, and prepositions. Information will be posted in eClass regarding a DG.

Writing- Complimenting reading, our writing focus will also be non-fiction. The students will be working with their chosen Civil War topic.

Greek/Latin Roots- The roots for next week are Mem/Ology/Sci. The words have already been posted on Quizlet. A DG is scheduled for Friday.

Social Studies- We will begin our study of Westward Expansion and the Transcontinental Railroad.

Math: In math this week, we will be adding and subtracting decimals and then move on to multiplying decimals. No assessment will be given this week.

Science: We will begin our unit on micro-organisms and look into how some are harmful and some are beneficial.

Please remember that our Food Drive takes place next week!

Please Mark Your Calendars!


17th-21st: PTA Food Drive

26th-28th: ITBS testing

31st- Halloween- Students are NOT to dress up in costumes for school.


3rd- Literacy Night Tailgate

8th: Student Holiday- Election Day

21st-25th: Thanksgiving Holiday Break


2nd: Holiday Lunch

22nd: Winter Holiday Break Begins