Tyler Bartels

This is Apollo ->

Greek Mythology: Apollo

Why I chose this god

I chose this god because he's interesting because his sister has the realm of a moon and Apollo has a realm of sunlight. I also chose Apollo because he likes music and I like music.

Apollo roman name is Apollo because its the same out of all cultures.

Apollos Dad and Mom were Zeus and Leto

Apollos children are...Orpheus, Aesculapius, Aristaeus, and Troilus

10 Facts About Apollo

-Apollos father was Zeus and his mother was Leto.

-Apollo was god of the sun. He was responsible for the sun going across the sky.

-He was a skilled musician and played the lyre.

-Artemis is his twin sister.

-Apollo could be very cruel, but yet he was caring toward his sister and mom.

-He carried a gold bow and arrows and often appeared gold and shimmering like the sun.

-Apollo was associated with woods and forests the raven was his special bird.

-Apollo had healing powers.

-He slayed the gigantic Taityos

-Apollo was born under a palm tree.