Spanish Civil War

By Michael Heaton


The Spanish Civil War ended on April 1st, 1939, the year that WW2 started exactly 4 months later. It is going to be supported with all the towns that fell that led up to the end of the Spanish Civil War, the fact of how corrupt people and the government is sometimes, and from those facts, it shows why the Spanish Civil war is important.

What was the Spanish Civil War

The Spanish Civil War was the Republican response to the Nationalist attempt to overthrow the government which they did succeed in doing so.

Where was the Spanish Civil War

The Spanish Civil War never went out of the country as it started and ended in Spain.

When was the Spanish Civil War

The Spanish Civil War lasted for three years, starting on July 17th, 1936 and ending in April 1st, 1939.

Why did the Spanish Civil War happen?

The Spanish Civil War started because the Republicans wanted to take back the government that the Nationalist had successfully overtook.

How did the Spanish Civil War happen??

The Spanish Civil War happened when that Nationalist military made their intentions known on July 17th of 1936.



The Spanish Civil War matters because it show how corrupt people and government are sometimes, how smart Hitler is and how Stalin and Hitler hated each other even before WW2 even happened.